John Deere X744

The John Deere X744 lawn mower is built in the John Deere assembly plant located in Horicon, Wisconsin. If you are looking for something similar to this machine in the X700 series of ride on garden tractors, then you should check out the John Deere X729 or the John Deere X740 Lawn Mower. The JD X744 lawnmower is powered by a 3 cylinder, Yanmar liquid cooled engine that takes diesel.

The engine is built into a 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis that’s gives the John Deere X744 a total weight of 480 kg (1060 lbs). The length of this sit on lawnmower from JD comes to 2 m exactly (78.8 inches). The width of this machine is 1.18 m (46.8 inches). It has a wheelbase of 1.38 m (54.5 inches). As this is used mainly on lawns, both the front and rear tires are very wide. The front wheels each have a width of 0.2 m (8 inches) while the rear wheels have a width of 0.3 m (12 inches). This means that even when it’s traveling over very soft ground, it will not leave thread marks.

Thanks to it’s incredibly well welded frame and category 1, 3 point hitch, the John Deere X744 can accommodate a massive range of attachments to the front, back and middle of the machine. The JD X744 can work with a 48 inch mower deck or 54 inch mower deck. The largest mower deck that it can accommodate is a 62 inch mowing deck. Just remember that if you are going to use the 62 inch mowing deck, it’s much more likely to stall or get choked up with cuttings if the grass is wet or extremely long when compared to the smaller decks. Larger versions of this ride on lawn mower include the John Deere X748. For more information on this model, you can check it out on the official JD site by clicking here.

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