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The John Deere X728 lawn mower is powered by the same engine powering the John Deere X720 and the John Deere X724. It’s a Kawasaki that has an output of 27 hp, which is a huge amount for a garden lawn mower. However this ride on lawnmower is a massive one. It weighs in at 955 lbs (433 kg). This is nearly half a ton! It is 1.9 m (75 inches) long and is 1.18 m (47 inches) wide. Even though it’s wheelbase is 1.41 m (55.7 inches), it has a turning radius of just 0.6 m (2.1 feet).

The John Deere X728 does not have a gear stick because you never need to change gears, this machine is an automatic thanks to it’s hydrostatic transmission. This means that you completely control the speed of the machine by how hard you are pressing down on the gas pedals. The JD X728 uses wet discs brakes for controlling it’s speed. It’s started by a 12 volt battery that is charged by a 20 amp alternator.

Thanks to the category 1, 3 point hitch at the back of the John Deere X728, it can take a range of attachments. These include, tillers, rear blades, cultivators, disc harrows, utility carts, aerators, baggers, fertilizer spreaders and dethatchers. There are also a range of front mounted attachments that can be quickly attached to the front of the X728. These range from snow blowers to front blades and brooms. Obviously it can also accommodate mower decks. These include a 48 inch mower deck, a 54 inch mower deck and a 62 inch mowing deck. Most people find this mower to be fantastic for a range of jobs around their home, not just for mowing the lawn. However if you need a bigger machine, then you might think about the John Deere X729. There is also a slight variation of this model available. It’s called the John Deere X728SE. For more information on this model, you can check it out on the official JD site by clicking here.

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