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The John Deere X720 is a lawn mower from the JD X700 series. If you are looking for something a little smaller then make sure to check out the John Deere X700, but if you are looking for something a little bigger, then have a look at the John Deere X724 or the John Deere X728. This garden tractor is powered by a V twin Kawasaki engine that gives the machine a massive 27 hp. This engine is liquid cooled and requires 4 liters of coolant to fully fill the cooling system. The air intake into the engine is filtered through a paper element air filter.

Thankfully there is no need to be constantly changing gears on the John Deere X720 lawnmower. Power is transmitted to the wheels through hydrostatic transmission which means that to speed up you simply need to press down harder on the forward pedal and to slow down you just need to ease up on the pedal (easy!). The JD X720 sits on a 4×2 2WD chassis. This machine is meant for people who mow a lot of grass and that’s why it has a fuel tank capable of holding up to 24.6 liters (6.5 US gallons) of gasoline to allow for many continuous hours of operation.

If you need to add attachments, then you will be glad that the JD X720 has a 3 point hitch at the rear. There is also an upgraded version of this ride on lawnmower. It’s the John Deere X720SE. The JD X720SE has a slightly larger and more comfortable seat and it also has a brush guard to protect the mower from potential damage (so you can see that there is not much difference between the regular JD X720 and the X720SE). The total weight of this machine comes to 382 kg (844lbs). As you can imagine this is a very large machine. As a result you will mostly see it being used by people with very large gardens as well as gardening contractors. For more information on this model, you can check it out on the official JD site by clicking here.

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