John Deere L130

The John Deere L130 lawnmower is the larger version of the John Deere L110 lawnmower and the John Deere L120 lawn mower. The differences between the JD L130 and other models in the L100 series come down to a few different things such as engine power and the dimensions of the lawn mower. The engine used in the L130 is the Kohler CV23S 2 cylinder, gasoline engine that has natural aspiration and is air cooled. The CV23S has an engine size of 0.7 liters and a power output of 23 hp. The air intake for this engine first passes through a dual state air filter to remove impurities and dust. The oil pan needs to be filled with 1.9 liters of oil to make sure that the engine remains properly lubricated.

A 4×2 2WD chassis houses the John Deere L130’s Tuff Torq HD K46 hydrostatic transmission which provides infinite speeds going forward and in reverse. The JD L130’s top speed comes in at 8.8 kph (5.5 mph). It also has the added advantage of cruise control as standard. So if you need to use this mower to cut long, boring straight sections of grass you can switch it on and stop worrying so much about keeping your speed up. The mower deck that comes as standard with this model is 48 inches wide. Like the smaller models in the L100 series, this one also has a turning radius of just 0.46 m (18 inches).

You will find floor mats on the John Deere L130 lawn mower that provide the operator with extra grip while operating it in wet weather. It also comes with a tool tray to put any tools when you are not using them. The height of the yellow seat on the JD L130 comes in at 15 inches to provide great driver back support during operation. Besides mowing grass, this garden tractor can also take a 48 inch John Deere snow plow and a 42 inch 2 stage snow blower.

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5 Reviews of the “John Deere L130”

  1. Michael says:

    I think the L130 is a great value particularly in light of the purchase price. I’ve now had this specific tractor 19+ years, I mow a yard that is well over 1 acre and it needs to be mowed twice a week during summer months. I change the oil, air filter and spark plugs annually, I store the mower inside year around. In almost 20 years I’ve change the mower deck belt once and I sharpen the blades yearly, thats it. Today I changed for the first time the front tire bushings. I love the Kohler motor as it always starts instantly. I have zero complaints !

    Year of Manufacture: 2000

  2. Chuck says:

    will not go up hill any more Tranny?

    Year of Manufacture: 3
    Pros: It got cup holders
    Cons: engine back fires when you shut it off
    Attachments: mower only
    Modifications: none

  3. Gary says:

    I think it has been a good mower

    Year of Manufacture: 2003
    Pros: I got 2 of the L130 John Deere lawn tractors and I cut 2.5 acres once a week. the first one has 2000 hours on it when it went down with a scored cylinder cost was $2100.00 each The 2nd one I am still using and it has 2300 hours on it and it went down today won’t start 09/08/2015.But I think it is just a safety switch will check out tomorrow. All I have done was preventive maintenance and 4 sets of belts and I had to replace front axle on both mowers because I put ag tires on back and 2 batteries. I got a 10P trailer with each mower to. I took them through JD credit at that time JD had 2 yr. no interest. I wish they would do this again..Replaced blades, 4 sets
    Cons: they could use a stronger front axle the decks could be made stronger I had to adjust it couple times a year to mow level. Thinker head on the 18 mm bolt head
    Modifications: Ag tires on rear

  4. Ed says:

    Slow har to get deck level

    Year of Manufacture: 2002
    Pros: Hyde drive went out had really been took care of not recommend
    Cons: Not recommend
    Attachments: None
    Modifications: None

  5. Disappointed in JD says:

    I would not recommend the L130 or anything that has a Kohler motor. We gave $5000 for the mower yet we had to pay someone to cut our grass the first year we owned the mower. The problems with the mower was so numerous that even John Deere wouldn’t renew the warranty on the mower.

    Year of Manufacture: 2002
    Pros: Body of the mower holds up well.
    Cons: Can’t find anyone to service it locally.
    Can’t find parts.
    Cut the yard 1 time after purchase and had to have repairs. First year we owned it was in the shop more than we had it.
    Kohler’s motor has more bugs than I can name. It is a very bad product that will cost you more to keep it running than a new mower cost.
    Attachments: Mulcher was a joke. Lawn looked horrible unless it was gone over at least 2 times.
    We can’t keep the mower working so why waste money on attachments for it.

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