John Deere GT275

The John Deere GT275 lawn mower is the bigger version of the John Deere GT262 mower. It’s a larger machine that was manufactured in Wisconsin during the mid-nineties from 1994 until production on it finished in 1998. It is powered by a Kawasaki FV540V gasoline engine. This engine provides 17 hp to both the wheels and mower deck. Specifically, power gets to the wheels via a hydrostatic transmission that gives the JD GT275 infinite gears going forward as well as infinite gears for when it’s reversing. In other words, this John Deere mower is an automatic that requires no gear changing to speed up or slow down.

The engine on the John Deere GT275 is key started. The mower deck on the JD GT275 has a cutting width of 48 inches which makes the machine ideal for anyone with a large garden (1-4 acres) or for professional contractors and garden landscapers to use. People often forget that most JD lawnmowers have more than just one use. Obviously cutting your lawn is a priority, but you can also use it in conjunction with many different attachments for other jobs around your garden or yard. A John Deere snowblower attachment can be added on to it, as well as a front blade for clearing snow, debris or even leaves. An optional bagger attachment can be added to the back of it to collect grass that you have just cut. But you can also attach things like scarifiers, harrows, utility carts as well as a whole host of other implements.

If you own (or have owned) a John Deere GT275 lawnmower, then please leave a review below and let everybody know more about it as well as what they should expect from owning one. Please include things like the pros, cons and modifications (if any) that you have made. Of particular interest to most people is any problems you may have had when you were using it.

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17 Reviews of the “John Deere GT275”

  1. BaronCollier says:

    I Actually love my gt275 it has been so good over the years.

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: Best mower I have ever owned bar none great piece of equipment. John deer and Kawasaki perfect match.want a replacement same quality.
    Cons: The hood that’s all!
    Attachments: Trailer ball move boat in yard no problem.

  2. Martin says:

    I bought mine used in 2004 and it’s been generally great… happy with it… just wish it was lighter.

    Year of Manufacture: 1998
    Pros: Surprisingly powerful, starts easy, reliable (except for minor issues below), parts easily sourced, attachments (“PowerFlow” bagger) work great. It is also easy and safe to operate and fairly easy to maintain.
    Cons: Plastic hood hinges! one side broke. Kaw engine leaked a bit of oil but I patched over the leaking area with some “Cold Weld”… been fine for since (5 years ago?). Engine starves/surges at low rpm’s. Steering ball joint broke but was easily replaced. It seems very heavy (648#) and leaves ruts in my (sandy/poor) soil. The bagger blower (Powerflow) developed a hole from rocks/acorns/sticks blasting it from the inside… no big deal… I lined it with a piece of metal and it works fine again.
    Modifications: I attached a rope to the discharge chute so I can pull it up to get closer to trees, fence etc.

  3. Dave Conrad says:

    Great machine, hope not to replace, unless I can find another unit with a loader/bucket. Also, keeping wife, great cook!

    Year of Manufacture: 1995
    Pros: Purchased my machine used in 2003. Has been a terrific work horse, ever sense, use it for mowing, yard cart pulling, and installed a ball on the back to pull trailer. I also, have a DP leaf/grass catcher cart, works and pulls great!
    Cons: Plastic hood a real draw back. Do not lean on front to aid and assist in getting up, in front of machine! Hood cracks, repaired it twice with auto body filler and duct tape. Hood hinges broke, I fabricated an internal bracket to strengthen the hood, and put light duty cable so as to restrict hood opening. While under repair drove unit without hood, my wife would not come out of house, to embarrassed, she said it looked like a POJ (piece of junk). Thought about replacing, could not do either, Purchased new hood, and decals from the robber barons on E-Bay, tractor looks “Great”! Photo’s available. I also, kept wife, she can come outside when I am mowing, now!

    Had to replace clutch bearing, hanger rods under tractor deck (wore out). Parts are available, internet wonderful.

    Having problem with carbonator/fuel intake. Machine works wonderful for 30/40 minutes then seems to act as if it has fuel starvation. Checked fuel line, replaced fuel filter, unit still acting up. Seems to help if I stop, have a beer, then mow again, No drinking and driving, plus don’t have a cup/can holder!

    Attachments: Pull yard cart, DP leaf/grass catcher, and trailers.

  4. Anthony Bennett says:


    Pros: I purchased this mower a couple of days ago (2016) from a friend. I have no idea of what year it was made but I can tell you this, it runs like a charm. Where has this been all my life. Darn thing cuts smooth and easy and it flies. To me, it turns as good as those tight turn Craftsman or Husqvarna. I have a craftsman and an old Yard Pro but i can see now which one will get the most work. WOW!. I maybe a little premature on rating this mower but as of now, no complaints at all
    Cons: The plastic hood is probably only fault i can see right now.

  5. John says:

    Very pleased. Does not use any oil between changes. Transmission has never given any problems. This mower has been cutting a 3 acre yard once per week during mowing season for the past 18 years. Still like new. .A few years back, I bought a — Cadet to help out a friend. It didn’t last a year. I love my GT 275.

    Year of Manufacture: 1997
    Pros: The best mower I have ever owned. Leaves my 3 acre lawn looking manicured every time. Bought new and have always maintained. Kawasaki engine is extremely powerful and reliable. Very rarely breaks down and when it does, it is minor. Awesome mower!
    Cons: The hood is made of plastic and disintegrates over time. Expensive to replace.
    Attachments: None
    Modifications: None

  6. Robin Robinson says:

    Has been used for a 16 years with minimal parts replacement issues. 1 fuel pump-1 steering ‘knuckle’. Mower belt needs replacing for the first time since I’ve owned it. Had it for about 16 years.

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: Runs good. Fairly easy to maintain (gas/oil and filter, etc.). Has cup holder
    Cons: Hood has fallen off and is very expensive to replace. ‘Packing’ on top of transmission failed and is irreplaceable. Therefore, a constant loss of, although slow, transmission fluid and the inevitable mess over the entire undercarriage.

  7. Alex Lynn says:

    Awesome Machine!

    Year of Manufacture: 1994
    Pros: I love my GT275. It’s a true workhorse. I’ve used it for 20 years to harrow the arena, cut manicured lawns, tall pasture grass, trails, and to pull loads of hay and other heavy garden materials. I’ve changed the oil, cleaned the air filter, and made a few minor repairs over the years, but nothing major. This year I had to replace the deck belts for the first time. It has been a fantastic tractor/mower; still runs as well today as the first day I started it.
    Cons: Plastic cover.

  8. 49fior says:

    Great tractor worthy of a spot in the the garage or barn.

    Year of Manufacture: 1998
    Pros: Very reliable and more than enough tractor.
    My only maintenance has been oil/filters, battery drive belt and changed the oil in the hydro-static trans.
    Cons: Hood hinges – just not at the level of reliability of the rest of the tractor.
    and of course not cheap to replace. The lower hood on ebay $260.

    Driver gear on snow blower pulley, a lock nut came loose and chewed up the plastic cover. I repaired it and use lock tight on the nut. Ten years later still good. Wish they had done that at the factory.

    Attachments: 42″ deck and 36″snow blower and utility cart

  9. Eddie Lambert says:

    Love this machine. I’m planning to rebuild the deck and engine in the next year or so and replace hood. I agree with the comments on the JD line of mowers today…..not even close to the 275.

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: Bought this mower in ’98 new. Still runs great after mowing 2+ acres 3 times a week in mowing season. The deck is original expect for one pulley and the spring hook. Transmission has’nt missed a beat, and everything else is great.
    Cons: As it appears to be a normal trend, my hood hinge broke and I took the hood off to repair it and laid it in my back yard for a day or two. A really big storm came up and blew that hood 15 feet in the air where it literally exploded. Totally destroyed!!! All this because of a mickey mouse plastic hinge! So I’m in the market for a used hood if anyone knows where I can get one.
    Also, the engine on this mower has ran great, but will not start hot unless you choke it. Not a big deal, but annoying.
    Attachments: Blade, metal yard cart.
    Modifications: Modified the spring hook on mower deck when the orginial wore into from pressure from spring.

  10. Major Catslammer says:

    Frickin’ happy every time I get on it. John Deere really did a great job of putting the GT275 mower together. And I look forward to the day the mortgage is paid so I can go to the John Deere dealer and buy a new one out of the same factory. Thanks Guys.

    Yeah, it cuts 2 acres without a hitch any time I ask but it’s the things you don’t expect it to do that impresses me most.

    Does anyone want to hear about the time I pulled a 270 foot well using a 2×6 workover frame and this GT275?

    How about the flood of 2010 when I used it to straighten t-posts.

    Year of Manufacture: 1994
    Pros: Killer mower bought very used for $800 seven years ago. Have had three LA some piceofdung or other while using this GT275. Will just keep this one until I wear it out or until I die. Liked the looks of the LA110 that came to me too cheap I couldn’t pass it up but it was a wimp and couldn’t cut medium grass. LA125 was slightly better but really didn’t please me as much as the old GT275 so I sold it and purchased a L120 that was pretty good until the motor blew up when I mowed the ditch on a slant. Come to find out the motor didn’t like to lean. John Deere really needs to pull back allowing the branding of POS mowers for the big box stores and the inteck motors.

    Please don’t tell John Deere that I regulary mow mesquite trees as big around as a beer can. Yeah, the motor stalls once in a while but it’ll do it.

    Big pro if you already have one of these…you can keep it and try out all the others and come back to it when you need it. Great Solid mower.

    Cons: Plastic hood was pretty much gone when I got it. Plastic doesn’t fair well in the Texas sun but sounds af ya’ll up north have that issue as well.

    Attachments: 48″ commercial deck. Really like the easy to adjust wheels on sliding pole/pin arrangement.
    Modifications: Got the front bumper so I can push down small trees. Yes. trees that you have to hit two or three times. If you can run it over this mower will probably grind it up. NOT SUGGESTED BY JOHN DEERE AND PROBABLY JUST BRAGGING ON MY PART. IF YOU DO THIS TRICK YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN. Discalmer-don’t try this at home I am a trained professional or I was drunk did something stupid.

    Had to gut some frame under the hood to get a car battery to fit in. (Repair on Obama’s budget ain’t pretty.)

  11. Tim Starkweather says:

    I have (2) GT 275 machines that I use regularly. One I bought 2nd hand in 1997. The other I bought a year ago to use as a replacement if the 1st quit running. I bought a larger machine a year ago and still use both on my property but am looking to sell both now as I am down-sizing. Unable to provide anything on this site I’m sure, I’m leaving an email address in case it gets thru. I live in Knoxville, TN and will post to Craigs List at some point. Now August, 2012, I may post in the week.

    Year of Manufacture: 1997
    Pros: Extremely reliable machine. Not an extremely large unit but like others have noted, I have driven thru thick to thin brush and grass with little bogging down. Have never experienced any problems with the hydrostatic transmission. Aside from age and continued use of the (2) GT275’s I currently own both have been work horses.
    Cons: Plastic, plastic and more plastic. Long ago I resorted to tethering with a cable the hood. Easily 8 years ago the hinge area broke out. I fabricated a plate and secured it to what portion of the right side was still intact and keep using it but the acrylic/phenolic has taken its toll and duct tape now keeps the hood covering the engine on one machine. The 2nd machine has a crack that was epoxied by a prior owner and remains intact. Deck is reasonably easy to detach and other parts have been replaced thru the years to include a linkage arm, mowerdeck parts, etc.
    Attachments: Had a small dozer type blade when required and easily pushed dirt while landscaping. Otherwise I am pulling a cart or lawn bagging cart regularly.
    Modifications: Other than fixing the hood on one machine I haven’t had to modify anything.

  12. Jeff says:

    Fantastic! I love spending time in the saddle…runs great, easy to operate, plenty of power, and really manicures my grass….what more could I ask for. It will probably last another 14 years with proper maintenance.

    Year of Manufacture: 1998
    Pros: Buying a single cylinder 17 hp engine, made me a bit weary about the power. Not a problem at all! Plenty of power…no issues no matter how high the grass, and it doesn’t even know it is going up the slight hill I have on my property. I mow about 1.5-2 acres with it every week and I am always amazed at how well it cuts. It really mows beautifully! I ONLY use it for mowing, and the occasional yard cart tow, property maintenance kind of work…so don’t know about other uses such as snow removal, tilling, etc.

    But as a grass cutting machine…I couldn’t be happier. I think the new “bib box store” mowers (including JD) are all junk and disposable. Not so with this 14 year old GT275. It is heavy duty, built like a tank (except the plastic hood!), and runs as good today as if it were brand new! I highly doubt you could get 14 + years out of any big box store mower…and with some…maybe not even half of that!

    The deck is one of the easiest to remove of any I have ever owned and maintenance on the sup[er durable Kawasaki engine and extremely heavy duty Tough Torque hydro trans (which is fully serviceable) is super easy and straight forward for the DIY-er. This IS every bit a garden tractor, and not just a riding mower. It will do anything that you can realistically ask it to do.

    Cons: ONLY con…is the plastic hood which is prone to breakage down the middle and at the hinges. Mine is perfect…so far…but it is rare to find one without a break in one or both of these areas. There are ways to “beef” up the hood to prevent it from happening, but one of the best investments you can make is for a front bumper…either fabricated yourself, or purchase one via the internet. That $100 or so, will save you over $400 down the road should you even slightly run into something on the front end. All that plastic will break and continue to do so. Again…mine has been perfect, but I am super careful on my baby!
    Attachments: I only have a set of wheel weights currently, but may add a front blade.
    Modifications: Added side hold handles form JD, as used on the 425’s, etc.

  13. Howard says:

    I know JD quality has dropped a lot lately…that’s why I look for this model to come up for sale. It’s a best kept secret.

    I often use mine to blast through the woods and cut underbrush and small branches to clear trails. Amazing power. If I hit a lot of field stones I usually need to sharpen the blades again…and then go back to mowing my Bluegrass lawn!

    Year of Manufacture: 1998
    Pros: Very heavy duty, easy to service, reliable. I’ve had three mowers of this model and they all performed equally terrific. I think you’d have to spend at least $6K to equal the quality and performance of this model. These are much tougher than the models being sold by the big box stores. Grease fittings on the cast iron axle and spindles and deck bearings. This is a unit you can own forever as it is not a tin can throw away mower. Most parts are available through John Deere and you can actually repair these to brand new condition if you needed to. Spindle bearings are easily replaceable. Great traction and power on hills.
    Cons: Plastic hood is fragile at the hinges. I added a limiting travel string so the hood won’t drop open too far and break the hinges.
    No cup holder.
    Attachments: Snow plow.
    Modifications: Added wheel weights and chains for extra traction plowing snow

    I disconnected the seat safety switch

    A Toyota Camry oil filter works well and is cheaper than a JD oil filter

  14. Dave L says:

    I love the tractor and do not regret buying it for one second, it has saved me numerous hours on mowing!

    Year of Manufacture: 1999
    Pros: I have owned my GT275 since new and it has been an excellent machine for my home use!! I have only had to do maintenance up keep in all these years.

    1. Battery
    1. Drive Belt
    That’s it aside from oil/air/fuel filters!

    Cons: The only bad thing I can think of is the powerflow bagger unit…..the rubber seal on the back allows grass to leak by. I know John Deere has come out with a better connection since but that is my only grip
    Attachments: None
    Modifications: Thinking about doing something with the bagger unit attachment.

  15. Charles Falkiner says:

    Still new to me

    Year of Manufacture: 1998
    Pros: I just bought mine. It has hardly any use on it and looks and runs like new. I was going to buy a new mower but this one is new in and out. mows great. Comfortable to ride. I love the ease of use of deck highth selector. I hope this will last me for a long time. I love the Kawasaki Engine.
    Cons: NO CUP HOLDER!! I guess I will have to go get a Deere stick on. Since this is just like new, everything is very tight. Stearing, foot pedals are a little tuff. Almost can’t wait to wear them down a little.
    Attachments: None Yet
    Modifications: None Yet

  16. Charles Tomlinson says:


    Year of Manufacture: 1998
    Pros: Bought this used in 2001. Have used and abused it in mowing horse pasture, hauling to rental properties, pushing snow with a blade I bought used about 5 years ago.

    A great ride. Mine is pretty loose now as I have beat the sh*t out of it.

    But it motivated me to buy a 1991 GT 214 and a 2001 345 later. All are great.

    The downside on the 275 is that the plastic hinges on the hood break under minimal stress. I kept it on for a while, but now I run it without a hood.

    Very good weight balance & agile.

    The engine is awesome. It;’s why I bought the 214 w/ 14hp Kawasaki and the 2001 345 w/ 20 hp K.

    Bought this used form a commercial user at 2-3 years old. It has made me a JD committed user. Been through MTD, Simplicity, etc.

    Should have a built in cup holder! Bought one of the stick-ons at Deere for $8 & it’s fine.

    Does not push snow in an uphill grade well.

    Attachments: Blade

    Modifications: Cup holder

  17. Broderick says:

    Been driving it and mowing with it since I was 10 years old.

    Year of Manufacture: 1998
    Pros: Very reliable and very powerfull. Have yet to bog it down enough in tall grass to get it to die. It will last forever
    Cons: Limited slip rear differential is O.K. in the snow with chains and wheel weights, but this machine would rock if it had a locked rear diff or 4 wheel drive. Also, pulling a plug arator or fully loaded trailer, it tears up the lawn because the limited slip diff doesnt get very good uphill traction.
    Attachments: 42 inch john deere snowblower and a steel utility cart.
    Modifications: John deere stick on cup holder

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