John Deere GT262

The John Deere GT262 lawn mower is the upgraded version of the John Deere GT242 lawn mower. While both lawn mowers are similar in many regards, the JD GT262 is different mostly due to the size and power of it’s engine. It is a Kawasaki FC540V that gives the lawnmower 17 horsepower to drive it forward and turn the mower blade. This 1 cylinder engine has natural aspiration and is air cooled. Power from the engine is transferred to the wheels thanks to a 6 speed gear drive transmission. This transmission gives the lawnmower a wide range of speeds when traveling forwards and reversing.

The electric PTO on the John Deere GT262 powers the mower deck which can range from 38 inches in cutting width to 54 inches in cutting width. However it should be noted that if you are using a larger mowing deck, then it is more likely to stall the engine if you are cutting very long or wet grass. So try to only use the larger mower decks on shorter, dry grass.

The John Deere GT262 is one of the first lawnmowers to be produced in the ‘GT’ series. If you are looking for newer models in the ‘GT’ series then you should check out the John Deere GT235 lawnmower or the John Deere GT245 lawn mower. For those interested in purchasing the JD GT262, you will find that it’s best suited to cutting areas of grass that are 2 -5 acres in size. For anything smaller, you should consider either a smaller garden tractor lawnmower or a walk behind lawnmower. Don’t forget that the JD GT262 can also work with a range of attachments from snow blowers and snow blades to a bagger attachment and other rear mounted implements.

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9 Reviews of the “John Deere GT262”

  1. Rod says:

    I bought my GT262 used in 2014 for $350. Since then I have replaced all the deck wheels, blades, one pulley on the deck, all belts, seat, throttle handle, steering gear and bushings, repaired some wiring, voltage regulator, cleaned carb, battery, cable from battery to starter and replaced that stupid circuit board on the ignition switch (very expensive from Deer).

    Even after all the repairs and troubleshooting time I’m very happy with the tractor. Now it does start hard sometime but once its running there are no problems. I don’t have a lot of money so fixing something old is easier on the wallet than an new one from Deere; plus it gives me something to do in the winter.

    Year of Manufacture: 1997
    Pros: Please keep in mind that I put a lot of work and parts into this tractor so these are my Pros after all the repairs.

    Great turning.
    The deck is easy to lift.
    Good power.
    Easy to steer.
    Great on fuel.
    Cuts very nice.
    Easy to get on and off.
    Comfortable seat.
    Deck is easy to remove and install.
    Six gears.
    Take the deck belt of put it in 2nd and watch the kids drive it around the yard.

    Cons: Please keep in mind that I put a lot of work and parts into this tractor so these are my Cons after all the repairs.

    Can be hard to start.
    Parts are expensive.
    Taller grass will clump. That could be my fault or choice of blade.
    You have to shift gears.
    Not a versatile as an older Deere.

    Attachments: None but they do have a tiller attachment.
    Modifications: The hood was broke so I put a 265 hood out of the junk yard on it. Looks great at 50 ft or more.

    • HB says:

      Purchased new in Idaho in 1995 and used it ever since. Always starts and runs well as well as mows great. I also had a problem with hard starting and it turned out that the throttle wire slipped and was not opening the carb properly. Finally fixed that with an easy adjustment and now it starts easy. Not bad for a machine that is 24 years old (always changed the filters and oil). By the way, I sold a JD 110 to purchase the GT262 – and got 95% of the $$ back from the 110 – JD holds its value!

      Year of Manufacture: 1997
      Pros: Great machine
      Cons: No Hydraulics
      Attachments: 48″ deck, rear blade
      Modifications: Added DYI rear lift

  2. Dwayne says:

    This is a great lawnmower. I have 0 complaints about the mower deck. It’s not such a great snowthrower.

    The snowthrower is too heavy for the tractor even though it’s only single stage. The engine has more than enough torque to run the blower, but the belt drive system can’t handle it — belts just aren’t suited to 90° twists and reverse bends. You have to baby it or replace belts often. The single stage requires a certain mass of snow to push it out the chute so there is a fine line between over-stressing the belt and throwing the snow a decent distance.

    That all said, I live in an area that gets 14′ to 18′ of snowfall each year. The pile at the end of my driveway regularly approaches 10′ tall by the end of the winter. I did make do with this machine for 17 years and my son is now using it for his much shorter driveway. So someone living in an area with more moderate snowfalls might find it quite adequate.

    I have now replaced it with a small B series Kubota, which is a much better snowblower. But the Deere is a much better lawn mower. I just can’t win…

    Year of Manufacture: 1995
    Pros: As others have said: a solid reliable engine for the last 22 years and untold hundreds of hours. Inexpensive to operate. Fairly easy to maintain and change implements. In all that time I had to change the ignition module twice, and the drive belt once. I also had to change the tie rod and reinforce the front axle (but those are snowblower related problems, documented below).

    The Piranha (mulching) lawn deck has been great. Perfect size for this tractor, easy to use, minimal maintenance, nice job on the lawn. It even does a decent job of mulching leaves into dust in the fall.

    Cons: Can be hard to start when it has sat for a few days.

    Everything is belt driven. The clutch is simply a slack adjustment on the drive belt, so precise adjustment is required for smooth operation.

    The plastic throttle control rots in the UV and breaks off after a year or so.

    Most of my complaints revolve around the single stage snowthrower:

    Does not deal with hills very when coupled with the snowthrower. Even with chains and 4 suitcase weights on the back. It would have really benefited from a differential lock.

    The plastic idler pulleys on the snowblower don’t last long.

    The snowthrower drive belts don’t last long. I went through at least 2 per season (700′ driveway + large parking area).

    The snowthrower is a single stage and plugs easily in wet snow conditions. Even in dry conditions, it doesn’t blow very far unless the snow is deep or travel speed is high.

    The front axle is not strong enough for the weight of the snowthrower. The tube for the spindle broke off after a few years. I re-welded it with additional reinforcements and that was sufficient. I understand that later years had a redesigned stronger, solid, front axle.

    The button that releases the lift arm has a tendency to freeze in place. Similarly, the optional remote chute deflector cable also tends to freeze in place.

    Tractor headlights are aimed at the back of the snowthrower.

    Attachments: 42″ mower deck, 38″ snowthower, home-built dump trailer.
    Modifications: Aluminium throttle lever replacement (shop made after the second plastic one snapped, many years ago).

    Steel plate reinforcement under the rear plastic to support a 12v winch. I originally added the winch to pull the tractor out whenever I got stuck blowing snow. It saved a lot of backaches! However, the winch has been used for many other tasks including dragging logs and heavy timbers (lift the leading edge up off the ground and just drag the back) and pulling my son’s 1/4 ton pickup truck out of the ditch one winter.

    Replaced all the plastic snowthrower pulleys with steel ones. Adjusted the angle of the right side idler pulley to minimize belt twist.

    Added a removable soft cab for winter use, keeping the blowing snow out of my face.

    Added work lights to the front of the cab for snowblowing (existing headlights were useless for this application).

    Added a rear-facing work light to the rear fender for night use.

  3. wade mizelle says:

    no complaints, my kids pulled a wagon with it when they were little for hours and hours. There is no telling how many hours on my mower. Mow over acre for 18 years still starts.

    Year of Manufacture: 1998
    Pros: durable, cranks, easy to work on, john deer still has parts
    Cons: none

  4. Julius says:

    Done all regular maintenance and repairs.
    It has always been garaged.

    Year of Manufacture: 1997
    Pros: I bought this tractor new in 1997 and it has given me many years of good service and been very reliable for the most part.
    Cons: But as much as I have loved it, I have been having an intermediate problem that has gone on since soon after I bought it. It seems to stall if its warm and I use it for more than 20-30 min. When this first happened, I replaced the fuel filter and it seemed to fix the problem but as the years have gone on, it has progressively gotten worse. Now, when I replace the fuel filter it is not even fixing the problem. I’ve loosened the gas cap, taken apart the fuel pump & carb and cleaned everything, replaced the needle & spring and still the same problem. The fuel filter seems very empty when this happens and the only way to keep it from stalling is to full choke it, but it still takes a while for it to run normally and then as soon as I start cutting again, it stalls. Its not stalling from tall or thick grass, it’s more like it can’t breathe or is over heating because if I turn it off for a few minutes, I can get a few more minutes of cutting before it stalls. I was told that the inside of the gas tank could be peeling and this could be causing the problem so I am going to flush the tank & line but personally I don’t think this will work. I was wondering if anyone has ever had and overheating problem before? Please help, I’m losing my mind cutting 2 acres of grass 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off!
    Attachments: 48″ 3 blade mower deck
    42″ plow
    dump trailer
    Modifications: None

    • Aaron says:

      In reply to Julius, check for off season rodent nests inside the covers over the engines cooling fins. My 2 cents. good luck.


      Year of Manufacture: 0
      Pros: In reply to Julius, check for off season rodent nests inside the covers over the engines cooling fins. My 2 cents. good luck.


    • John says:

      In reply to Julius, check the vent hole in the gas cap. It may be plugged or restricted. You may have to check the inner seal vent hole in the gas cap, as well.

      Year of Manufacture: 0

  5. Alex T says:

    100% positive

    Year of Manufacture: 1992
    Pros: My mower has been in our family since it was brand new with regular use from 1992 – 2000 mowing about 1 acre 20 – 25 times a year. since 2001 it has been used as a semi commercial piece for my small business mowing between 5 – 7 acres 20 – 25 times a year. bullet proof. engine doesn’t leak oil, small things here and there have gone bad but I have spent less than $500 in the last 10 years on parts and maintenance aside from oil changes and tires. the 6 speed trans and reverse are great. mower even mows in reverse which is a huge plus. 48″ deck is just the right size
    Cons: if this mower had an hour counter it would be very impressive.
    I did take off the mulcher since it would bog down occasionally.
    Attachments: none
    Modifications: just a few things here and there are jury-rigged – mainly switches that have gone out over the last 23 years and I just bypassed them

  6. Marcintosh says:

    I have been very pleased with this machine. If the engine blew I’d replace it. If the transaxle blew . . . I’d buy a X540 and hold onto this one.
    Because of this machine I am sold on John Deere products. It is currently 14 years old and I have no problems getting parts – even obscure parts (the block that holds the lift mechanism took 3 days to get- days NOT months)

    All in all I am quite pleased with this machine. In 3 years I NEEDED to buy 2 guide wheels, 1 Battery, 6quarts of oil and 6 filters.

    I would buy this machine again in a heart beat. It isn’t that expensive to purchase or to maintain.

    Year of Manufacture: 1997
    Pros: Strong. Will easily work well past it’s intended level.
    Reasonably easy access to everything. It’s open under the hood and the back of the binnacle / dash, Underneath everything’s exposed. less than ten minutes to remove seat/foot rest pan.
    Tires are common sizes.
    Durable. Previous owner did nearly 0 maintenance and there was nothing really wrong when I bought it.
    Belt drive attachments Tiller, Snowblower, Mower
    Sleeve hitch available to further expand it’s use.
    Plow for snow or dirt
    belt drive is stout
    Gearing is exactly where I need it
    this last is very important
    ALL the belt drive implements that I have will move to an X500 Series machine.
    Implements attach and detach easily – usually less than 15 minutes- more like 10
    Cons: Slightly low seat for my frame.
    Oil filter in awkward placement.
    Headlights a bit dim
    No loader available.
    No 3ph’s or PTO’s available
    Front weight bracket is astronomical $$
    Rear frame a bit soft – tang for ball hitch seems to bend under load
    No Johnny Bucket loader available
    An hour meter would be nice.
    NO cab available
    No rear lights or brake lights no backup lights
    No RIO lockout switch
    Attachments: 48″ Mower Deck with pivoting wheels
    48″ Plow
    30″ Mechanical Tiller
    42″ Snowblower
    Front Weight Bracket
    Several non highway trailers
    48″ Drop spreader
    175 lb JD Broadcast spreader
    Modifications: None

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