John Deere 6410

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It is essential to have a high quality tractor in order to carry out farming activities to the best possible standards. Although, not many people tend to focus more on this aspect, having a good tractor like the John Deere 6410 definitely plays its role in making your farming activities successful. There are many tractor manufacturers around the world. However, not all have been able to make a name for themselves. Opting for a reputed manufacturer is a smart move, even if this means that you would have to shell out a bit more for the product. Most of the tractor experts and mechanics would recommend you to go for a John Deere tractor if you are looking for something in the farming segment.

The John Deere 6410 is another example of good quality tractor. The production of this model began in 1999 and continued for three years before being stopped in 2002. All the production was carried out in Germany. John Deere also came up with two other versions of this model.

The 4 cylinder engine has been designed by John Deere. It runs on diesel. It has got 104 HP. The oil capacity of this model is 12 liters while the coolant capacity goes upto 13.5 liters. The fuel capacity of John Deere 6410 is impressive at 165 liters.

The John Deere 6410 has got 4 reverse gears alongwith 12 forward gears.

The JD 6410 measures 162.7 inches in length. This tractor weighs 8114 lbs. One of the attractive features of this model is its wide wheelbase which measures 94.5 inches.

The John Deere 6410 is surely one of the most advanced farming tractors around.

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One Review of the “John Deere 6410”

  1. brad schmidt says:

    a nightmare, people beware.

    Year of Manufacture: 2001
    Pros: handy to drive when not broke down.
    Cons: the worst pile of junk for a tractor i have ever owned, rear wheel bearing gone out at 2700 hrs,hydraulic pumps at2900 hrs,transmission, rear end trouble at 3200 hrs total of 32000 dollars repairs at 3200 hrs used as a utility tractor for lighter work ,as a life long jd tractor user jd has ruined they’re reputation with me.

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