John Deere 6420

Having a good tractor is crucial to the success of any agricultural venture. This is the reason why people make sure that they have got their hands on the right tractor. The John Deere 6420 is one of the many successful tractors manufactured under the brand name of John Deere.

The JD 6420 started production in the noughties in 2002 and lasted till 2006. All the production was done in Germany. This model is considered as a sequel to John Deere 6410 which also ruled the market for a long time.

It’s 4 cylinder engine has been designed by John Deere. It has got 104 HP. The fuel capacity of this model is upto 185.1 liters. The engine runs on diesel. It has got a coolant capacity of 13.6 liters alongwith having an oil capacity of close to 16 liters.

The John Deere 6420 is equipped with 4 reverse gears and 12 forward gears. The front gears are further divided into four ranges with three gears falling under each range.

The JD 6420 measures 10064 lbs in weight. One of the highlights of this tractor is that it can safely haul up to 8000 kgs of material, but in reality it can probably tackle much heavier loads. This feature makes it a favorite amongst many.  The wheelbase is wide as expected and measures 94.5 inches.

The success of John Deere 6420 has ensured another high standard tractor John Deere. This model seems to be designed in exactly the manner as many customers would wish. Most of the firsthand reviews on the internet would tell you how good a tractor model this is.

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One Review of the “John Deere 6420”

  1. J-ville Pete says:

    I bought my John Deere 6420 second hand which may have been a terrible mistake. I usually hold John Deere with high regard (and still do), but I have a funny feeling I was duped. I’ve had more mechanical problems with this model than any other previous JD that I’ve owned

    Pros: I may have sounded a little disappointed in the previous part, I still have gotten good use out of this model over the last number of years
    Cons: Make sure that you don’t buy any jd second hand that isn’t a licensed dealer…you will have problems like i did
    Attachments: I just use the front end bucket and sometimes borrow a fork off a friend

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