John Deere 345

The John Deere 345 tractor was produced by Deere and Company during the time period of 1995 to 2001. This model is among the huge range of lawn tractors manufactured by JD. These tractors are used by many people who have lots of acres or huge yards or by commercial outfits that take care of public parks, playing fields and golf courses. These tractors can make your job of lawn mowing and other gardening activities easier. These tractors are machines of good quality and you can surely look forward to buy them for your residential setting. These are hydrostatic tractors which have hydraulic lifts. They use two cylinder gasoline engines made by Kawasaki.

The JD 345 is made on the same frame as the 245 and 265 heavy duty lawn mowers. But the manual fender handle lift present in the John Deere 245 and 265 was replaced by the hydraulic lift. A battery of 12 volts is present in these models. These tractors from John Deere are smooth and quiet with their V-twin style design. The units have power steering cruise controls that are quite standard. The JD 345 hood attachment can be removed easily. The seats have high back and are able to tilt forward for protection and for accessing the fuel tank easily. Extra traction can be provided in these tractors if required.

Various features and specifications of the John Deere 345


  • The tractors came off the assembly line with one of two types of engines manufactured by Kawasaki. These are FC590V and the FD611V.
  • The engines are two cylinder and are powered by gasoline.
  • Displacement for the engine is 36 ci.
  • The engine power of the two models are 18 hp and 20 hp.
  • The engines use a liquid cooling system and 3.3 qts of coolant are needed.
  • The rated revolutions per minute (RPM) for the engines in the John Deere 345 is 3575.
  • There are 12 starter volts.
  • Fuel capacity for these tractors is 3.5 US gallons.
  • The rear power take-off for these machines is electric.
  • The John Deere 345 weighs in at 699 lbs.
  • The wheelbase of the tractor is 47.9 inches.
  • Height if this tractor is 43.6 inches.
  • The tractor has 2.1 feet turning radius.

A smooth ride is provided in the John Deere 345 tractors due to the wide tires and nice floatation which also leads to less ground compaction.

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4 Reviews of the “John Deere 345”

  1. John V says:

    I bought this tractor new in 1999 and have had it for 18 years with
    720 hrs. Snow removal in winter and 3 acres grass .
    Have had no major problems so far.
    Replaced front tires, battery. Could use new seat.
    In that time my neighbors have replaced their tractors at least once
    Or twice.
    Best money I have ever spent .
    I am still using original pto belt for deck.

    Year of Manufacture: 1998
    Pros: Smooth ride.
    Reliability , Well constructed.
    20hp liquid cooled does not lose power.for cutting or mulching.
    Cons: A little heavy on gas.
    Attachments: 54″ mulching deck.
    Front blade.

  2. Don says:

    I think this will be the last JD unless the start doing some thing about the plastic they use.

    Year of Manufacture: 2000
    Cons: I have a JD 345 , the Pastic on hood and top cover is junk , breaks are cracks every time I use it. The hood and top cover is being held together by duck tape. Thats Not right.

  3. Rick Latta says:

    Love it

    Year of Manufacture: 1996
    Pros: This thing is built to last. Never had engine or trans issues since new. That WAS ALMOST 20 YEARS AGO. Blades batt. and front tires replaced since new!!
    Cons: I joke with the wife that I’d like a new one , but she reminds me that there’s nothing wrong the one we’ve got.

  4. Terry Herndon says:

    Alot of mowing

    Year of Manufacture: 1997
    Cons: Can’t replace engine when it goes south on you

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