John Deere 2030

There are few farm machinery companies which manage to deliver excellent results for many decades. John Deere is certainly one of the few of them which have excelled in this regard. Right from farming tractors to lawn care tractors, John Deere has printed its name well and truly in the history books.

The John Deere 2030 is another fine tractor from John Deere. This model falls in the farming tractor segment. The production started in 1971 and continued up to 1975. The production was carried out both in the United States of America as well as in Germany (for the European market).

The John Deere 2030 was considered to be a reasonably priced tractor in its segment with a price of $9000 when it was coming off the assembly line. However that price may be a little different when buying the JD 2030 second hand. One of the highlights of John Deere 2030 is that it has got an engine capacity of 68 HP, making it a great machine for most farm tasks (even in this day and age).

The fuel capacity of this model is also one of its many selling points. It has got a capacity of 19.5 gal which is equivalent to 73.8 liters approximately. Another feature which makes the John Deere 2030 so successful is its massive 86 inches wheelbase. With this kind of wheelbase you can run this machine in almost any kind of terrain without many problems. The weight of this model is a whooping 4,800 lbs, making it one of the heaviest tractors around.

The engine of this model is manufactured by John Deere itself. The engine runs on diesel in this case unlike most of the other tractors which run on gasoline. The JD 2030 has got 8 gears going forward. If this was not enough, it has got another 4 gears which work in the reverse direction. The 4 reverse gears mean that you can move backwards on any kind of surface, be it uneven, rocky or even muddy.

The length of this model is 139 inches while the width is 69.5 inches to be precise. However, it is the height of this model which really stands out at 82.25 inches tall. The JD 2030 is undoubtedly one of the best tractors to fall in the farming segment.

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2 Reviews of the “John Deere 2030”

  1. Ron Kerns says:

    I have done about every farm job you normally do with it. Tough, powerful dependable efficient enough and……NO COMPUTER! This one has the heavy front axle and big hydraulic pump. Originally came with a loader but gone when I got it. I am 3rd owner for 12 years now. Original engine ran fine for 43 years. Cylinder liner got pin hole at oring. Not something I hold against it. Overhauled and back to work. No head cracks, crank just like new. New clutches at the same time just because it was apart. No fluid in tires but 2 weights per side on rear and 4 front most of the time. Best dollar I have spent on a tractor and I have been around and owned a few.

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: Dynamite in a small package
    Cons: Parts
    Attachments: 7ft brush cutter 9 ft sickle 6ft tiller 8ft box blade 3-16 plow 14ft disc 6 row planter 24T baler 10 wheel V rake 6 row cultivator wagons forklift for rear
    Modifications: Fasse valve for top link

  2. Tom Glendinning says:

    Best I’ve owned in 45 years.

    Year of Manufacture: 1974
    Pros: I’ve had this tractor/loader since 1983. It has served my farming and landscaping needs without fail. I has the horsepower, weight, wheelbase and hydraulics to do any reasonable jobs that i require.
    Mine is gas, which is an unforeseen benefit today with fuel costs. It’s wheelbase and hydraulic system make tight maneuvering in small places predictable and easy.
    The power and transmission range suit all my needs.
    Easy to trailer, load & unload, attach implements fuel, service are ideal for the farm mechanic and contractor.
    I’ve had around a dozen tractors – B, 40, 420, 830, 2630, 2755, 4240, and a few 20 series, Ford, Case, International. This one is my favorite.
    Rebuilt in 2010, it runs like new and the parts are still available.
    Cons: Parts are becoming scarce after 40 years, but still around.
    Service depts not all familiar with them, but JD dealer is.
    Attachments: chisel plow, harrow (6′ & 12′), blade, box blade, hiller, sprayer, seed sower, hole auger, etc. JD 145 loader
    Modifications: Added fortified front bumper to protect hood.

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