Husqvarna GT2254

The Husqvarna GT2254 garden lawnmower is almost the exact same machine as the Husqvarna GTH2250 except for the fact that it has a 4 inch wider mowing deck. They both have the same engine. This is a Briggs and Stratton twin cylinder that supplies the wheels and blades with 22 hp. The engine has a fully pressurized lubrication system and it uses an paper air filter to clean the air intake of impurities that could stutter the combustion process. The engine uses a key starting mechanism to get going. This is achieved with a 12 volt battery that supplies the engine with 280 cold cranking amps. This battery is then recharged with a 16 amp alternator. The engine can hold 1.9 liters of oil with the oil filter in use, but only 1.8 liters without the filter.

The transmission on the Husqvarna GT2254 tractor mower gives it 8 speeds in total over 2 gear ranges (Hi and Lo). It’s top speed traveling forward is 8.7 kph (5.4 mph) and when reversing it can hit a maximum of 3.4 kph (2.1 mph). The mower deck on the GT 2254 is engaged using an electric PTO. The front axle is made from solid cast iron for extra strength, durability and rigidity making it very unlikely to break under high stress.

The mower deck on the Husqvarna GT2254 has a cutting width of 54 inches even though it’s total width is probably closer to 65 inches. This is mostly due to the large protective plastic discharge flap on the side of the deck. Inside the deck are 3 blades. On the outside of the deck are 4 gauge wheels which act to guide the deck evenly over the contours of the lawn you are cutting. The GTH 2254 can also work with a good variety of Husqvarna attachments to make it far more useful. You can attach a snow blower as well as things like dethatchers and utility carts.

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5 Reviews of the “Husqvarna GT2254”

  1. Tracy Wall says:

    The mower is a complete & total pile of shit! It literally breaks down EVERY time I mow! Drive belt constantly comes off, the brackets that hold up front of mower deck have had to be welded back together at least 5 times, turning radius sucks, going up a slight grade & turning it just spins, mower deck digs in to everything & the adjustment doesn’t work, it’s just a piece of shit! I would NEVER, EVER buy anything made by Husqvarna again!

    Year of Manufacture: 2008

  2. James Locke says:

    Deck wont lift like as high as a MTD but has last me 11 years so far.

    Year of Manufacture: 5
    Pros: If you have a flat terrain this mower is for you!!
    Cons: If you have a rocky rough terrain this mower is not for you. I have rocks in my yard and the deck WILL NOT lift high enough! I fixed this problem with oversized tires on the front.
    Attachments: took the big exhaust chute off so I can get closer to edging.
    Modifications: Bigger tires are a must on the front!

  3. greg says:

    I must be honest,I dread cutting my grass,’cause every time I do,I know what to expect.

    Year of Manufacture: 2006
    Pros: The tractor itself is a nice machine.22hp Briggs has plenty of power.Hi Lo range is a nice feature as well.
    Cons: Turning radius is terrible.It gets stuck on level ground,but that is because of one thing,THE MOWER DECK.The deck,and everything about the deck is horrible.The left side of the deck digs in,almost every time you make a turn,causing the tractor to plow up the turf.Most of the time it digs in so badly,the tractor gets stuck.I even spoke with a Husky dealer,and he told me,the stamped deck,that comes on this model is a piece of crap.Those were his words.He also said he refused to sell these machines,because of that reason.I only wish I would’ve spoken with him,before I bought from Lowes,2yrs. earlier.
    Attachments: mower deck
    Modifications: Had a roller welded to the front of the mower deck to try to help with the plowing.It helped a little,but it didn’t totally fix my problem.

  4. Anthony L says:

    I couldn’t have made a better purchase 7 years ago and couldn’t be more pleased with it. Neighbors use other brands and have gone through 2 and 3 different lawn/garden tractors over the same time period. Mine just keeps working !!!

    Year of Manufacture: 5
    Pros: Extremely reliable. I have virtually no complaints with this Husqvarna GT2254. I have had Cub Cadets, International, Troy, Deere, Sears Craftman over my years. NONE, absolutely none, come close to the reliability and performance of this machine. I bought it 7 years ago(it is now May 2012) new(at a deep discount) and have performed less, far, far, far less ongoing routine maintenance on it than one should(you wouldn’t guess that this year is the first year I completely changed the oil & bought a new oil filter and air cleaner and fuel filter & new blades–never sharpened the old ones either) and I’ve used it twice a week from April to Nov to cut an acre & a third lawn. It has yet to throw a belt, wear out a belt, or any other wear item one would expect to go. This thing just starts right up, first time, every time, and works, works, works.
    Cons: None.
    Attachments: None.
    Modifications: None.

  5. Roger Helmuth says:


    Year of Manufacture: 5
    Pros: NONE!!
    Cons: Bad piece of equipment.!!! Engine offten wont start, Mower deck is to lightly built losing bolts and nuts and guide wheels, belts rub places it shouldnt. Now ground drive transmission drive pulley came off , I cant find what parts are missing or what keeps that pulley from free spinning on shaft.!!! This has been a sorry piece of equipment since the day I bought it new!!! and cost me lots of $$$$ in repairs.!!!! I hate Husqvarna. !!!!!!
    Attachments: mower deck
    Modifications: NONE

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