Husqvarna 2754GLS

The Husqvarna 2754GLS garden tractor lawn mower is a slightly more powerful version of the Husqvarna 2748GLS tractor mower. The engine that powers it is a large Briggs and Stratton Endurance Series gasoline engine. This V twin has a total size of 0.724 liters. The engine is kept running smoothly thanks to a fully pressurized lubrication system. The power output from the engine comes to 27 hp. The fuel tank which is situated at the rear of the 2754 GLS can hold up to 15.1 liters (4 US gallons) of gasoline. Power from the engine reaches the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission which makes the lawnmower an automatic with no gear changing required to speed up or slow down. Instead you just need to use the foot pedal accelerator.

The mower deck that the engine also powers on the Husqvarna 2754GLS has a cutting width of 54 inches. This mower deck is made from steel and houses 3 blades. The blades on the mower deck are engaged using an electromagnetic clutch which engages the belt drive system. The deck can be positioned as low as 0.5 inches above the lawn you are cutting and as high as 3.5 inches. There are 6 different cutting positions in total between these 2 extremes.

There is an optional bagger attachment that you can use with the Husqvarna 2754GLS to capture all the grass clippings and leave your lawn looking incredibly neat and tidy. Besides a rear bagger, you can also use a mulcher. The last option for dealing with the grass clippings is to just discharge them out the side of the deck. There are also a whole host of other attachments that are compatible with the 2754GLS tractor lawnmower. These include everything from snow blowers to utility carts to dethathers. When buying the Husqvarna 2754 GLS lawn tractor brand new, it comes with a 2 year warranty for homeowners purchasing it for personal individual use.

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One Review of the “Husqvarna 2754GLS”

  1. Dennis Keatts says:

    Hour meter shows 461 hours, however it stopped working for 1and 1/2 years. When it quit working kept up with hours as best as could with a watch. I figure it has about 550 hours on it and runs like new. Very pleased with its performance. I mow about 9 acres weekly with it and has never let me down. Have owned 4 other brand before this one and it is the best yet.

    Year of Manufacture: 2008
    Pros: Plenty of power and very stable on steep terrain.
    Cons: Steering wheel to small making it difficult to steer.
    Attachments: Core aerator, seeder, trailer sprayer, hauling trailer, lawn roller, grass catcher

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