Cub Cadet Z-Force 48

The Cub Cadet Z-Force 48 Zero Turn Ride lawn mower is the smallest of the 2 Z-Force lawnmowers. The bigger one is the Cub Cadet Z-Force 54 Zero Turn Rider. The Z Force 48 uses a 0.725 liter Courage engine. This 2 cylinder, air cooled engine designed and built by the Kohler company, provides this Cub Cadet lawn mower with 22 hp. The engine is key started using a 12 volt battery. This battery is then recharged using a 15 amp alternator. The fuel tank on the Cub Cadet Z-Force 48 holds up to 16.1 liters (4.25 US gallons) of gasoline, enough for more than 2 hours continuous operation before it needs to be refueled.

The Cub Cadet Z-Force 48 lawnmower transfers power to the wheels using a hydrostatic, ‘Dual Hydro Gear ZT 2800’ transmission. This supplies each rear tire with power independent of the the other. The operator controls the power supplied to each wheel via 2 lap bars. The transmission box needs to be kept filled with 4.7 liters of hydraulic fluid. As you can probably guess from the name of the Z Force 48 Zero Turn Rider, the size of the mower deck is 48 inches. It tips the scales at 327.5 kg (722 lbs) which is fairly heavy. Most of this weight rests on the back tires, each of which measures 20×8-10 (20 inch diameter, 8 inch width, 10 inch rim diameter). The smaller front wheels measure 13×5-6 (13 inch diameter, 5 inch width, 6 inch rim diameter).

The Cub Cadet Z-Force 48 lawnmower comes with a 3 year warranty or a 180 operating hours warranty (whichever comes first) which is a testament to the craftsmanship that goes into making a Cub Cadet lawnmower. Thankfully, you can actually read the number of operating hours that the Z-Force has been used for on a built in hourmeter. There are numerous attachment that are compatible with this mower from a bagger (obviously) to others like aerators, sprayers and various carts. If you are looking for a similar sized mower, then have a look at the Cub Cadet RZT50KH Zero Turn Rider.

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One Review of the “Cub Cadet Z-Force 48”

  1. Doug Palmer says:

    Very easy to learn to operate. Cut mowing time by 30%. Easy Maintenance. Easy access to gease points. Needs over ride switch for blades when in reverse.

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: Turns on a dime. Easy to use. Heavy duty frame and mowing deck. Accessible maintenance points. Well made. Sturdy. Fairly priced. Starts great and runs like a rabbit. Very comfortable seat and arm rests. Fairly quiet as far as mowers go. Great under deck cleaning system. Cuts grass evenly and clean.
    Cons: Does not turn well going down hill. Discharge chute cheaply made. Height adjustments on mowing deck aren’t easy to make. No Fuel gauge. Gas Tank black, can’t see amount of gas in tank. Mowing adjustment pedal rattles alot. Blades quit turning when in reverse. Good safety features. Very stable platform.

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