Yard-Man 21 Inch Snow Blower

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The Yard-Man 21 Inch Snow Blower is by far the smallest snowblower that you can buy from Yard-Man. It’s much smaller than the likes of the Yard-Man 30 Inch Snow Blower or the Yard-Man 24 Inch Snow Blower. It’s so small, that it only weighs 32.3 kg (80 lbs), so you can easily lift it up if you need to. Even though it’s so light, it’s still powered by a gasoline engine. This is a Yard-Man built 0.18 liter, 4 stroke engine that powers this machine forward. However power is not routed to the wheels. Instead this 21 inch single stage snowblower is propelled forward by it’s auger. The auger is positioned low enough so that it is in constant contact with the ground, so as it spins, it grips the ground much like a wheel and drags the machine forward. This is why the auger has rubber edges instead of serrated steel like in the other snowblowers from Yard-Man, so it doesn’t damage the ground.

yard man 21 inch snow blower, single stage snow throwerAs a result of being auger propelled, the Yard-Man 21 Inch single stage snow thrower needs to be manually pulled backwards. The auger itself has a diameter of 0.23 m (9 inches) and is responsible for both breaking up the snow and sending it flying through the chute at the top of the housing. The chute is made from plastic and can rotate through 180 degrees. The auger gets enough power from the engine to send snow up to 7.6 m (25 feet) from the area that it’s clearing.

The Yard-Man 21″ snowblower comes with a 2 year limited warranty to all those who are purchasing it brand new. This is a fantastic entry level snowblower that is worth purchasing if you have a small area that needs to be cleared of snow or if you have hard to reach areas that need clearing and have to constantly lift the snowblower to reach these areas. Click Here to buy the Yard-Man 21 Inch Snow Blower.

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