Troy Bilt Mustang

The Troy Bilt Mustang zero turn lawnmower is a large and powerful lawnmower that is often used by commercial contractors and garden professionals. It is far bigger than practically all other Troy Bilt machines like that Troy Bilt Tuffy lawnmower. The engine that powers the Mustang is a twin cylinder Courage engine that is actually manufactured by Kohler. As this is a zero turn lawnmower, the engine transfers power through a dual hydrostatic transmission to the rear wheels. This transmission allows the driver to control each rear wheel independent of the other using the lap bars in front of him.

The Troy Bilt Mustang carries most of it’s weight on the rear of the machine. This means that the rear wheels are the largest, with a diameter of 18 inches. The front wheels are just castor wheels with a diameter of 13 inches as their only requirement is to keep the mower deck on the mustang from scraping the ground as it travels over it. There are also 4 small anti-scalping wheels on the front of the leading edge of the mower deck which perform the same function.

The Troy Bilt Mustang comes with an hour meter as standard so that you can accurately gauge when you next need to bring it for servicing. The fuel tank that supplies the Courage engine with diesel has a capacity to hold up to 11.4 liters (3 US gallons). The divers seat has a high back which means that you won’t hurt your back even during long operating hours on this machine. If you have ever owned or even operated the Troy Bilt Mustang zero turn lawn mower, then please leave a review of it below making sure to outline what you enjoy(ed) about it as well as any problems you have/had with it.

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One Review of the “Troy Bilt Mustang”

  1. mark simmons says:

    within two years the battery has been replaced, starter and have to jump start on a regular basis. Warranty work has had to be done on 4 occasions which means the mower is gone for a week. Of course exactly when you need the mower the most in the summer. In turn a mowing service has to be called in at $200 per shot. I would not recommend this mower to anybody that has more than 1 acre.

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: The 50″ mustang works pretty good for a non commercial mower. I was sold by lowes that this mower would handle my 5 acres easily. in fact I only mow 2.5 acres with it regularly.
    Cons: mower has many electrical problems, no lights

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