Troy Bilt Bronco

The Troy Bilt Bronco garden tractor lawn mower is not nearly as big as the likes of the Troy Bilt Horse XP and the Troy Bilt Thoroughbred lawn tractors. The Bronco lawnmower uses a Courage engine that is designed and built by Kohler to power the mower deck and wheels. This one cylinder engine is key started with a 12 volt battery that supplies the engine with 235 cold cranking amps. The engine has a power output of 20 hp and gets fuel from a tank that can hold up to 5.1 liters (1.36 US gallons) of gasoline. As the gas tank has a relatively small fuel capacity is fair to assume that the Bronco tractor mower is mostly used by individuals and not commercial contractors.

The Troy Bilt Bronco uses a continuously variable transmission which makes it much easier and smoother to use than a gearshift model. Power from the engine is transferred to the mower deck through a manually engaged PTO shaft. The mower deck on the Bronco is the same size as the mower deck on the Troy Bilt Pony at 42 inches (that’s cutting width, the total width is about 10 inches greater than this). The mower deck is constructed from 13 gauge steel.

The Troy Bilt Bronco has a range of options for getting rid of the grass clippings. The simplest is to just allow them to get discharged out the side of the deck. Unfortunately though, this can make your lawn look fairly ugly as the clippings will take a while to rot. To counteract this, you can opt to mulch the clippings uses a mulching attachment which will help them to decompose far faster. The third option is to just use the rear attached bagger to collect them which is the neatest option. Please leave a review below if you have ever owned or operated the Bronco tractor lawn mower.

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One Review of the “Troy Bilt Bronco”

  1. David says:

    Save Your Hard Earned Money and Buy Another Brand!
    Poor Example of a Low Priced Yard Tractor

    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: Was priced cheep(Lowes)$1995
    Starts all the time
    Cons: Was Priced Cheep(Lowes)$1995. You get what you’ve paid for..!
    Ruff Ride
    Blades will bend if You look at them..hit a bump/hit a rock cheep Thai Metal Blade bends
    Ok for small area
    Replacement Blades(Lowes) Item# 41347 are not worth buying!!
    Attachments: Lawn Tractor Trailer.(does not pull it very good)
    Modifications: Been to the shop more than I can Count!

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