Toro Z Master Z589

The Toro Z Master Z589 zero turn lawn mower gets it’s power from a 29 hp, direct fuel injection Kawasaki engine. This engine is gasoline powered and is air cooled. The engine gets it’s gasoline from a large fuel tank that has a capacity to hold up to 45.4 liters (12 US gallons). The engine transfers power to the wheels of the Z 589 Z-Master lawn mower through a dual hydrostatic transmission system that consists of Hydro-Gear pumps and motors. This system makes the Z589 an automatic with the power and steering controlled by the dual comfort grip levers that are positioned in front of the driver. The top speed of the lawnmower going forwards is up to 18 kph (11.2 mph), while in reverse, it’s not as quick, reaching just 10.1 kph (6.3 mph).

The Kawasaki engine on the Toro Z Master Z589 zero turn lawn mower also powers the mower deck, transferring power through an Aramid fiber belt. The blades spin with a maximum tip speed of 18,500 ft/min. The blades have been made from 1/4″ think steel and are housed inside a Turbo Force deck which is made from 7 gauge steel. On the front of the mower deck, you will notice 6 small plastic anti-scalping gauge wheels which help to keep the deck from scratching the ground. There is actually a choice of 2 different decks for the Z 589 lawn mower. The smaller has a cutting width of 60 inches, while the larger has a cutting width of 72 inches.

The Toro Z Master Z589 zero turn lawnmower comes with a roll bar (ROPS) as standard to help protect the driver in case the lawnmower tips. It also has a retractable seat belt to keep you secure in the operator’s seat. If you are interested in this model but are looking for something that’s a little smaller, then you may be interested in the Toro Z Master Z300 or the Toro Z Master Z450 lawn mowers.

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