Snapper SS822E Snow Blower

The Snapper SS822E Snow Blower is one of the smallest snow blowers that you can buy from Snapper. It has a clearing width of 0.56 m (22 inches) and is a single stage snow thrower meaning that it only has an auger to deal with the snow in front of it. It is powered by a Briggs and Stratton Snow Series engine that provides the machine with 8 ft-lbs of torque. All this power is transferred to the auger which provides the propulsion to the SS822E. The auger drives the snowblower forward by gripping the ground as it rotates, much like a wheel. To stop if from damaging the surface that it’s traveling over, the auger is made from rubber, not steel.

While the Snapper SS822E single stage snow thrower has a clearing width of 0.56 m (22 inches), it has an intake height of just 0.32 m (12.6 inches). After the rubber auger breaks up the snow within the housing, it then flings it away from the clearing area by channeling it through the plastic chute. It can throw snow up to 9.14 m (30 feet). The chute that the snow travels through can rotate by up to 200 degrees and is controlled manually. The tires that the Snapper SS822E snow blower sits on have a width of 0.05 m (2 inches) and diameter of 0.2 m (8 inches). The weight of the Snapper SS822E 1 stage snowblower comes to 39 kg (86 lbs).

There is also a variation of this snow blower called the Snapper SS822EX snow blower. The only difference between the SS822EX and the SS822E is that that the EX has a an upgraded chute and deflector that can be adjusted on the fly. This makes the SS822EX weigh in at 40.1 kg (88.5 lbs). Most people who live in areas that don’t get many heavy winter snowfalls will find a machine like this to be more than competent at clearing their driveways and pathways.

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One Review of the “Snapper SS822E Snow Blower”

  1. carl says:

    Love it so far so good we will see this series after all just came out so I shelled out the 5 hundred bucks and chose this one over Toro because I got all the Features toro could not offer for that price Electric start Easy shoot rotation control this machine is a beast I shoved it in a snow bank left by the city in front of my drive and as long as didnt shove to hard it ate right through it when I shoved the unit into the snow bank really hard It DID bogg down a bit prob would of stalled out if I hand not pulled back a little but at its own pace I fear no snow drift. This unit does clean right down to the pavement.

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: very powerful, easy to use the ex model, no mixing oil and gas.
    Enging is 208cc that is same size as the two stage snow THROWERS
    Cleans right down to the pavement Id compare with TORO and the compressed tire tracks just lift up a bit and the rubber auger eats em up.
    Easy to start by pulling or just plug it in and push the button.
    Cons: I lift this unit in and out of Jeep so its heavy. But not as heavy as a two stage and this has all the power not back breaking but that is the only drawback so far.
    Attachments: cord to use if you electric push button start I pull it.

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