McCulloch M175H38RB

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The McCulloch M175H38RB garden tractor lawn mower is very similar to the McCulloch M17538H in almost every aspect, except for one crucial difference. The M175H38RB comes with a rear bagger attachment as standard, while the M17538H does not. The McCulloch M175H38RB is a more commercial oriented lawnmower. The Briggs and Stratton engine that powers it has a fairly large fuel tank that can hold up to 7.6 liters (2 US gallons) of gasoline. The Briggs and Stratton engine powers the wheels of the lawnmower by transmitting power through a hydrostatic transmission which makes it an automatic. Your speed is controlled using a hand lever.

The McCulloch M175H38RB has a mower deck with a cutting width of 0.97 m (38 inches). This mower deck is raised and lowered in 0.5 inch increments through 6 different operating heights. This mower deck also comes with 2 antiscalping wheels attached to the leading edge. These perform the simple task of making sure that the mowing deck does not scrape the ground as it’s traveling over it. The mower deck is raised and lowered using a hand operated, spring assisted lever. The blades are driven using a belt drive system.Fortunately, the M175H38RB comes with a rear bagger as standard. This bagger has a 250 liter (7.1 bushel) capacity. If you do not want to have to spend time constantly emptying the bagger, you can instead discharge the grass clippings back onto the lawn or instead using a mulching plate.

The McCulloch M175H38RB comes with a digital hourmeter as standard so that you can keep track of when you next need to bring it for a servicing. If you like this lawnmower, but need something that’s actually a little more powerful and has a wider cutting width, then you may like either the McCulloch M185107HRB or even the McCulloch M19542H lawnmowers.

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