Massey Ferguson 2827H

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The Massey Ferguson 2827H garden lawnmower is a tractor model from MF. This lawnmower uses a Kohler Command engine to power the wheels and the mower deck. This twin cylinder engine provides a power output of 27 hp. When you are buying the MF2827 H brand new, you can get it with a choice of 2 different mower decks. The smaller has a cutting width of 50 inches (total width is 62 inches due to discharge flap). The larger mower deck has a cutting width of 54 inches (it’s total width comes to 64 inches due to the plastic discharge chute on the side).

Both of the mower decks on the Massey Ferguson 2827H have 3 small blades which work together to give a more even cut to the lawn than a single blade working alone would. The mower deck on the MF2827H has an infinite number of cutting positions from a maximum cutting height of 3.75 inches above the ground down to a low of 1 inch. For dealing with the grass clippings, many people purchase an optional rear bagger to collect them. The baggers range in size from 6.5 to 17 bushels in capacity. There is also a mulcher kit that you can purchase for this lawnmower.

Very similar tractor lawnmowers to this one include both the Massey Ferguson 2927H and the Massey Ferguson 2927LC mowers from the MF2900 series. If you are looking for a similar mower to the MF 2827 H, but with slightly less powerf, then the Massey Ferguson 2825H is for you.As Massey Ferguson are a quality brand, the have equipped the Massey Ferguson 2827H with the ability to be used with a wide range of attachments from front blades to tillers and front end loaders. It also has the option of a 42 inch single stage snow blower and either a 42 or 46 inch dual stage snowblower.

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