Massey Ferguson 2620H

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The Massey Ferguson 2620H garden tractor lawn mower is the only model available from the Massey Ferguson 2600 series. The MF2620H receives it’s power from a twin cylinder Briggs and Stratton engine that produces 20 hp. The engine then uses a K-57 transmission to bring power from the engine down to the wheels. This is a hydrostatic transmission that only uses foot pedals to speed up and reverse. This gearbox gives the lawn tractor a top speed of 9.3 kph (5.8 mph) when traveling forwards and 5.6 kph (3.5 mph) when it’s backing up.

This engine on the Massey Ferguson 2620H obviously also powers the mower deck, which has a cutting width of 44 inches. Inside the mowing deck you will find 3 blades that work together to efficiently cut your grass. At the rear of the deck on the MF 1620 H, you will find a full width roller to roll your lawn smooth right after you cut it. The mower deck has a cutting height range of 2.75 inches from a low of 1 inch above the ground to a high of 3.75 inches above the ground. For dealing with the grass clippings the operator has a number of different options. He/She can attach a rear bagger to collect them. There are a number of different baggers that you can attach that vary in size from 6.5 to 17 bushels in capacity. If you don’t want to spend your time emptying the bagger attachment, you can instead opt for a mulcher kit.

The third option on the Massey Ferguson 2620H for dealing with the clippings is to just discharge them out the side of the mower deck, although it can look a little unsightly as the clippings rot on your lawn. There are also a range of attachments that you can use with the MF2620 H tractor lawnmower that increase it’s functionality that range from 2 stage and single stage snow blowers (42 inch and 46 inch) to dozer blades, dethatchers and tillers.

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