Lawn Boy 10606

The Lawn Boy 10606 walk behind lawn mower utilizes an electric starting mechanism on the engine. This is particularly handy if you don’t like pulling on a pull cord to get your lawn mower going (even though this is actually very easy on a Lawn Boy lawn mower). The only drawback to the 10606 electric start lawn mower is that it’s more expensive than the likes of the Lawn Boy 10603, the Lawn Boy 10604 or the Lawn Boy 10605 walk behind lawn mowers. The motor that is started electrically is a Kohler OHV model. This engine is gasoline fueled and powers the wheels as well as the mower blades.

The rear wheels on the Lawn Boy 10606, through which power is transferred from the engine have a diameter of 8 inches. The front wheels are a little smaller and these have a diameter of 7 inches each. Both wheels are quite narrow as they don’t carry much weight. The mower deck on the 10606 lawn mower has a cutting width of 20 inches. This mower deck can cut grass as low as just 1 inch above the ground and can be raised up to 4 inches above the ground so that you should always be able to find a mowing height that is suitable for your lawn.

The Lawn Boy 10606 comes with a rear bagger as standard so that you don’t have to always worry about leaving the grass clippings lying on your lawn and then raking them up afterwards. You can also mulch the grass thanks to the 10606’s tri cut blade and deep mower deck. This is great for returning the nutrients of the grass clippings to the ground. If you buy this lawn mower brand new, it comes with a 2 year full coverage warranty which is an indication of the faith that the team at Lawn Boy put into their products.

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