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The John Deere Z510A is part of the John Deere ZTrak Estate Z500 series of lawnmowers. This series comprises of 3 different John Deere mowers. The smallest is the JD Z510A, while there are 2 different but similar John Deere Z520A lawn mowers.Both JD Z520A lawnmowers are practically identical except for one difference, the mower decks. One has a mower deck with a 54 inch cutting width while the other has a 6o inch mowing deck. However this article is exclusively about the John Deere Z510A lawnmower.

What most people find interesting about the John Deere Z510A is that it has a zero turning radius. This means that it is very adept at cutting grass on lawns that have multiple obstacles in the way. The mower gets it’s power from a Kohler engine that has a displacement of 0.725 liters (44 cubic inches). This 2 cylinder engine is air filtered and produces 22 hp for the JD Z510A to power it’s wheels and the blades in the mower deck. The mower deck itself has a cutting width of 48 inches. The engine is key started via a 12 volt battery.

The mower is controlled by 2 handles that control the speed of the rear wheels independently. These handles are ergonomic in design which makes it easier on the operators hands if they or using the machine for long periods without rest. The max speed of the John Deere Z510A going forward is a very impressive 16 kph (10 mph) while in reverse it can manage 8 kph (5 mph). The cutting height of the mower can be adjusted from 1.5 inches above the ground to 5 inches above the ground. Cut grass is expelled through the side of the mower deck. The overall weight of this zero turn lawnmower from John Deere comes to 488 kg (1076 lbs). Because of it’s size, agility and speed, you will often see this lawnmower being used on golf courses.

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