John Deere L110

The John Deere L110 garden lawn mower is part of the John Deere L100 series of mowers. Smaller models in the L100 series include the John Deere L100 lawn mower, while the John Deere L120 lawn mower is a larger model in the series. This model (the L110) had just 1 year in production from 2003 until production finished in 2004. All production took place John Deere’s large production plant in Horicon, Wisconsin. The JD L110 is powered by the 17.5 hp Kohler CV491 engine. This 1 cylinder, natural aspiration engine is powered by gasoline and has a displacement of 0.5 liters. The engine is air cooled and the air intake is prefiltered with a paper and foam air filter. This Kohler engine is built into a 4×2 2WD chassis and is started by a 12 volt battery. The battery is charged with a 9 amp alternator.

For ease of use the John Deere L110 uses a Tuff Torq K46V hydrostatic transmission. This means there is no need for gear changing on the JD L110. Instead you just need to press the pedals harder to speed up and release them to start slowing down. The top speed of this garden tractor is 9.2 kph (5.7 mph). This JD lawnmower has a really low turning radius of just 0.46 m (18 inches (inches) which makes this tractor mower fantastic on oddly shaped gardens that have many twists and turns.

The whole machine is very light coming in at just 209 kg (462 lbs) which means that it’s highly unlikely to leave thread marks on even the softest lawns. The John Deere L110 mower is 1.52 m (60 inches) long and measures 0.91 m (36 inches) wide, but with it’s mower deck, it’s of course going to be wider. The mower deck that the JD L110 comes with is 42 inches wide. The garden tractor also uses John Deere’s CargO Mount system which allows users to very quickly add and remove attachments without much complication.

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22 Reviews of the “John Deere L110”

  1. Fred A says:

    Purchased riding mower L110 in 2004. Mower has 338 (Yes 338) hours as of 9/19/2021. Had it parked for a while as I was paying someone to mow my lawn-I didn’t have time. Mower has original tires and engine had a tune up when I went back to using it. Seat is torn but other than that I have only replaced battery once, ignition assembly, and a use It is garage kept and I rarely mow when grass is wet so deck is in good shape. Koehler engine runs smooth.

    Year of Manufacture: 2004
    Pros: Very reliable tractor.
    Cons: None that I have experienced.
    Attachments: NA
    Modifications: NA

  2. scott says:

    I bought this tractor new in 2002. Cut about two acres one to two times a week. Leaves during the Fall. Change oil usually once per season (sometimes twice). Put in maybe three spark plugs. Bought one new tire. Try to grease it every season. Blow/spray off the deck 3-4 times a season. Have taken the deck off four times for cleaning top and bottom or inspection. Usually power wash the deck every couple of years and paint. No holes or rust spots. Replaced the belt one time. Battery 4 0r five times. Needs new seat (I can live without it). Just put a cover on it. Getting ready to replace the Brakes for the first time. After 18 years, just now giving me problems starting. New fuel, fuel line. Cleaned the carb which is getting fuel. The backfire pin in the carb works properly. Runs on starting fluid, not on fuel. I’ll figure it out. I have been extremely satisfied with this tractor. Oh yeah, wore out the bagger. Holes in the fabric. Wove 550 cord in the bags. Works well. It has survived me, my daughters, my son and his grass cutting business (his truck didn’t do so well), and my grand kids.

    Year of Manufacture: 102602
    Pros: Has been very reliable
    Cons: none
    Attachments: Cutting deck
    Modifications: none

  3. Robert Elliott says:

    I mow anywhere from 1 to 7 acres once a week 7 months a year I have over 1300 hrs. on the little guy the only problems with it are the stamped steel frame doesn’t hold up well to a 350 pound fat boy. Did break an axle in 2016 pretty simple fix probably fat boy issue again. Did replace the mower deck in 2017 not unexpected in rainy soggy Oregon coast range. Kohler 17.5 still runs great if not for frame issues I would continue using it. It also had the factory battery until this spring 2018.

    Year of Manufacture: 2004
    Pros: Great little tractor
    Cons: None
    Attachments: Bagger
    Modifications: None

    • renaldo robinson says:

      Man you make me feel good about the hours on the one I just brought 915 its in great shape body and deck well taken care of. I brought it as parts for my L111 but when I got there to purchase and saw the great condition of mower I put it back to work. Owner said the transmission was shot but it was only the belt had come off of pulley. Cost me $240 and 45mile drive. Been cutting with it for a week straight. The Kholer Command engine is a beast and it burns less gas then my 20Hp Briggs in my L111

      Year of Manufacture: 0

  4. Joe D. says:

    Never let me down one flat tire in 13 yrs no breakdowns with mechanicals.

    Year of Manufacture: 2004
    Pros: My L110A is now 13 yrs old. Been starting every week since I bought it. I get it serviced and blades sharpened every season. If you do not have blades sharpened each year you will have problems!
    Cons: If you have the rear Grass Bagger you have to use the bagger blades or else you will get clogs allot oin the chutes. I spoke to a JD engineer from the factory in wisconsin where this model was made. He told me you lose some power and performance with the bagger blades but they are designed to rake up more cuttings and force them thru the chute.
    Attachments: Rear Grass Bagger
    Modifications: Using premium gas helps allot with performance.

  5. Barbara Young says:

    I wish I would have never purchased this mower! I expected a mower with the John Deere name to be more reliable and work better. I just returned from the dealership (Campbell Tractor-Nampa, ID), and they offered me no solution to the inability of the D110 to adequetly mow my 3/4 acre yard other than purhasing a mower at double the cost or mowing the yard twice so I would only cut 1/4″ at a time. With my size yard that takes an hour to mow, that is a not an viable option. I have had problems with the mowing of the D110 from the very beginning and was going to take it back to Lowes where it was purchased but was convenced to try it one more year, placing it beyond the 1 yr guarantee from Lowes. It was serviced this spring at Campbell Tractor after having problems with it the last year not mowing well and when I got it back it was worse.Campbell Tractor offered little in trade in for the machine. I feel like the customer got screwed on this purchase.

    Year of Manufacture: 2017
    Pros: Very little good to say about this mower!
    Cons: Purchased new from Lowe’s and have not been satisfied with it. I’ve contacted the dealership (Campbell Tractor-Nampa, ID) many times about the performance, cutting poorly, levelness of cut, grass and sticks stacking up on top of the deck and axels, without being able to resolve the problems. The dealership offered NO suggestions or reasonable replacements except the purchase of another mower at more than double the cost.
    1. Thows grass up on top of the deck which clogs the belts and lays on top of the axels, motor belts, and all over the deck.
    2. Will not cut if grass is very high.
    3. Motor bogs down with grass that is higher.(one weeks growth)
    4. Unable to get mower to reverse and still cut.
    5. Very Cheaply made and dints at the least little bump against the deck.
    6. Hard to clean , because of the placement of the the deck .
    Attachments: None
    Modifications: None

    • Joe Bloe says:

      In reply to the unsatisfactory experience – this model was manufactured to be sold by Lowes in the first year that Deere stopped selling their “Off-Brand” Brand mowers there. Previously all Deere mowers had to be sold thru Deere Dealers.

      The Dealers revolted and did everything they could to make anyone who purchased a mover thru Lowes. My local Dealer simply refused to service them at all! Others were noted for deliberately screwing them up, and the “go back and use it for a while and then ask Lowes” stunt that you experienced was also common.

      After a few years the Dealers reached a settlement with Deere and began to service these mowers, although around here they increased their prices a lot to make up for not having made a profit selling the things as well.

      Try finding a non-dealer who services them. Look for small engine repair guys and ask a local landscaper who services their equipment. They may be willing to service your mower correctly, particularly if you ask them before the mowing season starts and after – when they’re not too busy with their commercial contracts.

      Good Luck!

      Year of Manufacture: 2003

  6. jay morris says:

    It has been a very good machine. Would buy another John Deere product for sure. I would recommend this machine.

    Year of Manufacture: 2003
    Pros: I have had very good luck with my John Deere 110 a the machine has 611 hours on it and is just now starting to show signs of fatigue.
    Cons: The stating system had some Issues and the deck had to be welded in a few spots.
    Attachments: Mower deck
    Modifications: None

  7. Taylor Stripling says:

    For someone looking for a “small compact LAWN tractor” I would recommend it.most people use the JD L 110 as a large garden tractor & it seems that it can’t hold up to the strain. If the tractor is used correctly & regular maintenance is done then I think it will hold up without a problem. I do wish the deck was tough like the one on the older JD models.

    Year of Manufacture: 2004
    Pros: Mower starts right up every time I’m ready to use it. Other than regular maintenance, replacing the original belts & new blades there has been no problems with this mower. I cut 2.5 acres with it every week. It has right at 529 hours showing. 2.0 acres is flat ground with very thick grass. The mower has enough power to cut right through it without bogging. The other 0.5 acre is rough & on a hill. Other than a little wheel spin when weight shifts I can’t complain.
    Cons: The deck is cheaply made & I have done some welding on it. Hit a rock & bent the deck within the first 25 hrs of use. The engine & transmission seems to be very sound & dependable.
    Modifications: Canopy, Front bumper & bagger.

  8. Dick Hertz says:

    Overall I’m very happy with my L110. Bought it new and it has over 600 hours on it. Regular maintenance is key: Oil and filter changes. greasing the zerks, replacing plug and air filter and changing the oil the transaxle. Don’t believe its “sealed for life” The transaxle is a Tuff Torq K46 and if you go to their website or You Tube you can get information on how to change it. They recommend every 200hrs and make sure you use Castrol Synthetic 5W-50 oil,

    The 2 stage snowblower works great, a lot better then the single stage I had with my Craftsman. I live in Maine and snow fall is measured in feet. If you get a snow blower weights and chains are a must.

    11 years and still going strong!

    Year of Manufacture: 2003
    Pros: Cuts great, very comfortable, cruise control is great
    Cons: Had to replace ignition module on Kohler Command 17.5hp engine. It’s a HUGE project to change the oil in the transaxle. I wish the cup holder would hold a 40.
    Attachments: Snow Blower, Weights and Chains.

  9. Bill says:


    Year of Manufacture: 2004
    Pros: I purchased this product when it was new and have had it for 9+ years. Starter motor went bad when under warranty and the dealer came to my house to replace it. Other than that I have had nothing but good service out of this product. It has 260 hours on the meter. The mower deck is tough and has been banged around a lot when I have used the tractor to tow my tilt trailer into areas where the ground is very uneven and has lots of large rocks the deck hits as I go back and forth. The only damage was to the paint on the deck. Deck has never been off the tractor. All the belts are original, the transmission is fine,
    Cons: Mower cuts better on the left side than on the right but this seems to be an issue with every mower that I have so may not be much of a con. Wish the rear wheels had holes to mount weights so I could get around easier on the hills in my yard. Extra weight in the wheels would keep them from spinning when one side gets unloaded when crossing a steep hill or trying to make a turn on a hill.
    Attachments: Rear Bagger
    John Deere/Tilt Trailer
    Modifications: None

  10. AJ says:

    Overall very pleased – we have 2.5 acres to mow and although I wish I could afford a larger unit with a wider deck this unit does a great job with the lawn. Our driveway is 950 feet long and the blower does a good job in all types of snow to clear the drive – to clear 8 inches of fresh snow it will take me about 1 hour.

    Year of Manufacture: 2003
    Pros: Excellent mower and decent in snow with blower
    Cons: i find the mower deck is difficult to remove in the fall when I put on the snowblower and difficult to re-install the deck in the spring when I take the blower off (blower goes on and comes off easily)
    Attachments: sun canopy, rear bagger, front bumper, snow blower attachment

  11. Wade Nelson says:

    Piss. Poor.

    Year of Manufacture: 2005
    Pros: It’s got a John Deere label and paint scheme.
    Cons: It’s a cheaply made tractor that doesn’t deserve the John Deere emblem. The belt for the mower deck won’t stay on mine, my neighbors, or any of a dozen folks you can read on Ebay. The deck cracks, as it’s made of too thin metal, again, something you can read about in numerous reviews. This is a price-point, cheaply made tractor sold at big box stores. It doesn’t deserve the Deere label. Don’t buy it unless you like funding repairs and constantly getting off to put the belt back on, like EVERY time you put it in reverse. Saddest POS garden tractor my father has ever purchased, our 7 horsepower Craftsman I used as a kid was far superior to this piece of green junk.

  12. steve_0 says:

    ive had good luck with mine.

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: mine has been very reliable, mowed lots of grass , including the county building , very rough ground. i think if you ue it as a lawn tractor and not as a very heavy duty garden tractor you will be just fine . after all it is just a lawn tractor.
    Cons: rough ride wish it had bigger tires.

  13. Nathan says:

    Upon delivery the engine timer didn’t work. The delivery guy said I could take it out and exchange it at the dealer. It never has cut even. I called the dealer and they said that if I bring it back in they would take a look at it. They wanted to charge me $50 to pick it up when it was only one week old.

    The rubber/plastic gasket under the air filter wasn’t seated right and it was letting dirt in.

    Now, after only 133 hours, the Tuff Torq transmission went out. John Deere wants over $700 to replace it. Tuff Torq will sell you the transmission for $630.

    Here’s the cheat. Tuff Torq recommends changing the oil on a yearly basis and us only 5W-50 Synthetic oil. Only John Deere wants Tuff Torq to use 10W-30 weight oil and NOT ever service it.

    I went to John Deere and asked if they have a trade-in policy and they don’t. The salesman said that I should buy a better model if I want a better transmission. So their “cheap” $1,799 unit isn’t good enough to get a good transmission.

    What a rip-off. You had better stay away from John Deere.

    Year of Manufacture: 2003
    Pros: Looks pretty.
    Cons: Bad quality,
    Bad quality control,
    Bad customer service.
    Attachments: None
    Modifications: None

  14. Duane Self says:

    TERRIFIC..I LOVE IT..If the new ones are as good as this one, my next one will be a John Deere too…

    Year of Manufacture: 2003
    Pros: Dependable, easy to maintain, smooth ride and handling, JOHN DEERE

    I don’t understand all the negetive comments. I use mine on an acre and a half lawn (with hills). I cut the grass twice a month, starts everytime without any trouble. Still looks like new. I wash it regularly, service it regularly, and pick up debris rather than running it over. Sounds like other people should take better care of their units.

    Attachments: Front bumper.

    • terry M keskey says:

      The neg comments on here mostly seem to be adjustments or maintenance issues. I love mine.

      Year of Manufacture: 0
      Pros: Great mower if used and maintained as per factory.
      Cons: None
      Attachments: none
      Modifications: none

  15. Sam DiBiase says:

    Excellent, would definitely recommend.

    Year of Manufacture: 2004
    Pros: Mulch kit (blades and grass shoot plug) is just adequate. Leaves some grass clipping even hen cutting often and high. Always leaves clumps of cut grass when moving backwards.
    Cons: Great value, quality and overall performance. Keep up on basic maintenance and this mower will last as long as you want it to. Mine is 9 yers old, still looks like new, starts every time, sips gas, has plenty of power for my 1 acre yard and has never let me down. Easy to remove deck to clean and remove blades. My best rider thus far, regardless of price.
    Attachments: 42″ mower deck
    Modifications: Sun shade canopy

  16. Tim says:

    Very little needs to be done with it. Check oil, gas and tires and off you go…

    Year of Manufacture: 3
    Pros: Starts everytime. Love it. Not one problem with mine…
    Cons: Yes the deck is poorly built. But no deck will last for ever, but if you don’t keep them clean after every use. Don’t hit stuff with it. And one thing I see alot of people do is that they stand it on when getting on it or off the mower. Here is my advice, Don’t. The decks are not ment to hold that kind of weight like that.. THw mower will last forever.. Nothing runs like a Deere 🙂

  17. fred igo says:

    first year or 2 ok gradual break down in starting and holding power and the 2 decks i have had fell apart

    Year of Manufacture: 2003
    Pros: not that many did the job when not having problems
    Cons: presently trying to figure out battery or power loss after 3 batteries an dtrying to replace starter kit solenoid can t seem to figure out if it has a n alternator ? magneto or what to recharge Battery? Like previous comments i too have had 2 decks and bracketts broke noe 2nd one is also broken again not ver sturdy on deck

  18. Steve says:

    It leaves a lot to be desired. Even the seat fell apart by the end of the first season. My Deere is well maintained and kept in a garage and also covered while in the garage. All to no avail. It is mechanically a waste of money.

    Year of Manufacture: 3
    Pros: None
    Cons: A true piece of junk. So far I have paid almost as much in repairs (not including normal maintenance) as it cost to purchase it.

    I will never buy another Deere!

    John Deere Co. website does not even give you a link to voice your complaint to anyone in corporate HQ or anywhere else for that matter.

    Attachments: None
    Modifications: None

  19. David says:

    The tractor part is fine, the deck is way under built, like they engineered it to last 4 yrs and then self destruct. The old JD tractors had decks that were virtually indestructable. You can only live off of reputation as long as you live up to it.

    Year of Manufacture: 4
    Pros: dependable starts, plenty of power
    Cons: cheesy under engineered deck. I’ve had to weld the hanger brackets to the deck. The front of the deck bends with every rough patch of ground you hit. The idler pulley mounting bracket has fatigued to the point where instead of it being canted 10 degrees back to guide the belt to the drive pulley to 10 degrees forward because it has fatigued. A replacement cost of the raw mower deck is $418.50. If your going to build them this cheaply at least provide parts a a decent price.

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