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The John Deere GX355 lawnmower is the last model in the GX series. While this would make you think that it’s the most powerful machine in the series, you would actually be wrong. The engine powering the JD GX355 is not as powerful as the likes of the John Deere GX345 or the John Deere GX255 lawnmowers. It’s Yanmar 2V-78 diesel engine only produces 18 hp. This V twin cylinder engine is liquid cooled and requires 3.1 liters of coolant to fill the cooling system completely from empty. To keep the engine full lubricated and working efficiently, the JD GX355 needs to be filled (from empty) with 2.3 liters of engine oil. Thanks to it’s hydrostatic transmission, this John Deere lawnmower has an unlimited amount of speeds when traveling forwards and when reversing. The transmission system needs to be filled with 4.7 liters of transmission fluid from empty.

The John Deere GX355 lawnmower has a choice of 2 mower decks that work well with it. These are a 48 inch mower deck and a 54 inch mower deck that are mid mounted. However, the JD GX355 garden tractor is not just great for mowing you lawn, you can also attach a wide variety of implements to the front and back of it to make it very capable around the garden. These include things like front thatchers, front mounted snow blowers, front blades as well as many rear mounted implements like scrapers, scarifiers, harrows and utility carts.

The John Deere GX355 enjoyed a production run of just 3 years from 2002 until production on it ceased in 2005. Although the engine is only 18 hp, it is a diesel, which makes it quite efficient when compared to a petrol one with similar horsepower. However because the engine is a diesel, it is slightly bigger than an equivalent petrol one. This is why the JD GX355 weighs in at 336 kg (742 lbs).

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