John Deere AF12 Snow Blade

The John Deere AF12 Snow Blade series is the larger series of snowblades from JD. The John Deere AF11 snow blade series are the smaller versions. Just like their smaller brothers, the JD AF12 snow blades have the added bonus of having reversible cutting edges, meaning that you will get twice the usage out of them, because as one side of the cutting edge starts to fail and not work so well, you can just flip it over and use start using the other side. On top of this the steel cutting edge of the snow blade has been heat treated meaning that you will get an extra long life out of it anyway.

The angle on the snow blade can also be adjusted fully up to 30 degrees in either direction making the John Deere AF12 Snow Blade very easy to use, allowing you to deposit snow on either the left or the right of the tractor or to just push it forwards. The John Deere Quik Tach system is utilized for the JD AF12 snow blade series meaning that you can quickly and easily attach or detach the snow blade without much effort. As this is quite a large snow blade, John Deere have purposefully constructed it out of heavy duty steel, so that it will never deflect or deform when it hits objects in the ground or is moving incredibly large amounts of snow. The John Deere AF12 is available in 3 sizes; a 2.4 m (96 inch) model, a 2.7 m (108 inch) model or a very large 3m (120 inch) model.

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