John Deere 9530

The John Deere 9530 is one of the biggest and most powerful tractors in JD’s current line up. The tractor weighs a staggering amount, tipping the scales at 18,153 kg (40,020 lbs) when dual wheels have been attached. This massive bulk of machine needs a fairly large amount of power to allow it to pull heavy loads. This engine is a PowerTech Plus diesel that has a total size of 13.5 liters. This engine produces 475 hp thanks to the fact that the engine is turbo charged and has air to air after cooling as well as exhaust gas recirculation. With such a big engine, it needs a strong and robust transmission to bring power from the engine to the wheels. The JD 9530 uses a PowerShift transmission that gives the machine 18 gears traveling forwards and 6 when it’s reversing.

The engine also powers the robust hydraulic system on the John Deere 9530. This hydraulic system is what gives the rear hitch a maximum safe lifting capacity of 6940 kg (15,300 lbs). The rear hitch is a category 4/4N, 3 point hitch.The fuel tank on the JD 9530 is very big indeed, capable of holding up to 1325 liters (350 US gallons) of diesel.

The wheelbase on the John Deere 9530 measures an amazing 3.5 m, but it still has a fairly reasonable minimum turning radius of 4.45 m when brakes aren’t used. With brakes, the turning radius will be reduced further. As this tractor will mostly be found pulling fairly heavy loads, it’s obviously important to make sure that it stays balanced. That’s why you’ll be glad to know that there are a ton of different ballasting options available, most of which are attached to the wheels. If you have a very large farm that needs a powerful and reliable tractor to do a lot of pulling, then you may find the JD 9530 to a very capable machine. Smaller models include the John Deere 9330 and the John Deere 9430 tractors.

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One Review of the “John Deere 9530”

  1. john konkoly says:

    good tractor overall once all problems get sorted out

    Year of Manufacture: 2007
    Pros: good pulling power when running right
    Cons: hydraulic releife valve sticky or not working properly whissles when tractor idles ..water gets into ecu unit and stuffs up all electricts , brings up all diferent codes

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