John Deere 85F

The John Deere 85F is the mid sized orchard and vineyard tractor in the John Deere F Series tractors. The smallest model is the John Deere 76F tractor while the largest is the John Deere 100F tractor. You can already guess, just from the name that the engine powering the JD 85F produces 85 hp. This engine is manufactured by VM which is a subsidiary of General Motors. It’s specifically a Detroit Diesel model. It’s a liquid cooled 4 cylinder model that has a engine size of 2.7 liters. The engine is also turbocharged. The fuel tank on this model has a capacity to hold up to 60 liters (16 US gallons) of diesel.The engine also has a muffler to prevent excessive noise.

Anyone who sees the John Deere 85F will quickly realize that it’s not a ‘farm’ tractor. The main reason is because of the low profile so that it can easily pass through orchards without getting caught in low hanging branches. There are 2 gearbox options on the JD 85F. The first is a SyncShuttle transmission that provides the tractor with 8 forwards and reversing gears. The second is also a SyncShuttle gearbox which gives it 16 forward gears and 8 for reversing. The engine is started by a 12 volt battery.

When purchasing the tractor brand new, you have the choice of either an open operators station with just a roll bar (ROPS) or a cab which has the ROPS built in. If you own or have previously owned a John Deere 85F, then let others know about it. By leaving a review below you can help people figure out whether or not the JD 85F is a quality tractor that will benefit them and their farming needs.

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