John Deere 8530

The John Deere 8530 is an absolute beast! It’s been in production since 2006 and boasts an amazing 330 horsepower. Many view the 8530 as one of the best workhouses there is as it has an incredible powerful 270 hp PTO thanks to it’s 9 liter, turbo charged engine. This really is a great vehicle for any heavy duty job you may have.

You’ll be pleased to know that it has a transport speed of 26 mph so drawing grain is easy to control.

The turning arc for the John Deere 8530 is just over 47 feet which is reasonable for it’s class

Running out of fuel in this model is never a problem as it the fuel tank can take 180 gallons, enough for a full 12 hour shift.

It weighs in at 25,791 lbs (or 11,698 kg for those of you in Europe).

One drawback you may find with the John Deere 8530 is the fact that that the cab contains 5 different displays. Many older folks may remember the ease at which they found operating less fuel efficient, but simpler tractors from days of old. Obviously once you get into the groove with using all these controls, things become easier, but if you are graduating from a 15 year old tractor, be prepared for a little bit of a shock.

It has a wheelbase of 118.9 inches (3.02m).

The length of the 8530 is 219.1 inches (5.56m).

The John Deere 8530 is a fantastic tractor for any farmer with a large amount of land that needs a strong, reliable and fuel efficient monster. With proper maintenance and some lovin’ care you can be guaranteed to have this tractor working well for you for many years.

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