John Deere 7600

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The John Deere 7600 utility tractor has an engine that is designed and built in house by the team at JD. This engine is obviously a diesel. The engine uses a liquid cooling system. This liquid cooling system has a capacity to hold up to 23.7 liters of water. The engine is a 6 cylinder model and is turbocharged, which allows it to produce a max power output of 112 hp. The engine has a dual element, dry type air filter through which the air intake passes through before it enters into the engine. This filters out any dust or other particles that can potentially clog the engine and disrupt the firing process. The engine fires at a compression ratio of 17.2 to 1. The engine is started with a 12 volt battery.

There is a choice of 2 gearboxes on the John Deere 7600. One option is a PowrQuad transmission that gives the operator 16 speeds going forward and 2 for reversing. The second choice is a PowerShift transmission that gives the operator 19 speeds going forwards and 7 for when it’s reversing. Both gear boxes use a wet disc clutch for changing gears. The top speed of the JD 7600 is 39 kph (24.2 mph) traveling forward, while in reverse, it can reach 16.3 kph (10.2 mph).

The John Deere 7600 has a choice of either a 4X2 2WD or a 4X4 4WD chassis. If the JD 7600 is built on a 4X2 2WD chassis, it’s total weight comes to 5969 kg (12,160 lbs), while if it’s built on the 4X4 4WD chassis it’s total weight comes to 6781 kg (14,950 lbs). The size of the wheels also vary depending on the chassis choice. The 4X2 chassis has front tires that measure 10-16 and rear wheels that measure 18.4-38, while the 4X4 chassis has front wheels that measure 14.9-28 and rear wheels that measure 18.4-38. Other models in this range include the John Deere 7700 and the John Deere 7800 tractors, which are bigger and more powerful.

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