John Deere 72 Inch V Blade

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The John Deere 72 inch V blade attachment is designed specifically to be attached to the front of the John Deere Gator range of utility vehicles. This blade has been designed to rid your driveway of snow during the winter. However you will quickly rind that if the snow is particularly heavy, that the JD 72″ V blade may actually struggle a bit to get rid of it. The blade is set up so that you need to manually angle it. But when used with a John Deere hydraulic implement kit, the John Deere 72″ V blade can be lifted by simply pressing a button, without the driver ever having to get off the vehicle.

Many people find this V blade to be a fantastic piece of machinery in areas that receive frequent but light dustings of snow and are large in size. This is because the John Deere Gator series is very quick when compared to lawn mowers or tractors, even the ones made by John Deere.

You might find that when you are using this John Deere 72 inch V blade in heavier snow you are met with quite a bit of resistance and that the wheels are slipping quite a lot in the snow. This can be frustrating and quite annoying to say the least, so to give your JD Gator extra grip (whether it’s a standard model, a HPX model or an XUV model), you have the option of adding tire weights to the wheels so that the machine is heavier on the ground. You can also put snow chains of the tires to better grip the snow.

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