John Deere 650

The John Deere 650 is a small compact tractor designed and built by JD through the eighties from ’81 to ’89 in the US. It’s Yanmar engine has a displacement of 52 cubic inches (0.85 liters) and produces 16 hp. It has a 6.2 US gallon (23.5 liters) fuel tank while it’s cooling system requires 3.7 quarts of liquid to be fully filled and the transmission hydraulics need 14 qts of hydraulic fluid. The width of this model is 56 inches while it measures 102.5 inches long. As it’s a compact tractor, you would expect it to have a very small turning radius, and it does. The turning radius on the JD 650 is just 6.2 feet, which is very small indeed.

The one fantastic advantage of the John Deere 650 is that it is capable of carrying a mid mounted mowing deck, so when it’s not being used as a farm tractor, it can double up as a large garden tractor lawn mower. It also has the option of taking a small front end loader specifically designed for the John Deere 650. The bucket has a width of 48 inches and breakout force of 678kg (1495 lbs).

The John Deere 650 is a good all round tractor that is very much sought after by people with small farms or large gardens. The only problem is finding one that has been properly taken care of over the last twenty years. Many people see the 650 as a sort of cross over tractor. It’s great in the garden as it is so big and powerful for a garden tractor. But it also performs quite well in farm situations due to the simple fact that it has a front end loader capable of lifting more than just a little weight.

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