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The John Deere 4410 compact utility tractor is a very useful tractor capable of performing a wide variety of tasks. Most importantly for estate and large garden owners, it has a mid PTO which powers a range of large mower decks. There is also a PTO at the rear along with a category one, 3 point hitch that can work with a massive variety of tools, from trail mowers, to aerators, to sprayers and tillers. The lifting capacity of the rear hitch is 997 kg (2200 lbs). The hydraulics system is an open center type that has a capacity to hold 25.7 liters (6.8 US gallons) for powering the implements. The hydraulics system operates at 172.4 bar (2500 psi).

Depending on your preferences, you can purchase the John Deere 4410 with either a hydrostatic transmission or a regular gearbox. The hydrostatic transmission is an eHydro model that gives infinite speeds over 3 ranges (Hi, Medium, Lo) and powers the JD 4410 up to a top speed of 28.2 kph (17.5 mph). The more orthodox gearbox is an ePowrReverser that gives the compact utility tractor 12 speeds going forwards as well as in reverse. The top speed of the tractor with this transmission is 24.1 kph (15 mph).

The engine that powers the John Deere 4410 is a 3 cylinder model from Yanmar that is diesel fueled. The engine uses a liquid cooling system to wick heat from the engine. This cooling system has a capacity to hold up to 5.7 liters of water. The lubrication system on the engine has a reservoir that needs to be kept at 4.3 liters. On the engine, you will notice a dry type air filter that stops dust and other particles from getting into the engine. If you would like to check out the other models in the series similar to this one, then take a look at either the John Deere 4210 or the John Deere 4310 tractors.

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