John Deere 425

The John Deere 425 is very similar to the JD 420. You could even say that the 420 was the prequel to the 425. Why is that? Well they both have similar sized engines. They both produce 20 hp, but there were built by different manufacturers. The 425 had it’s engine built by Kawasaki and the 420 had it’s engine built by Onan. The 420 was produced and built by John Deere from 1983 to 1991 (8 years) and the 425 was produced and built from 1992 to 2001 (9 years). So you can see how the JD 420 took the mantle of the 420 once it stopped being manufactured.

Fortunately the 425 is just as reliable as the 420 (what else would you expect from the great team at John Deere?). While most people purchase it for mowing (on a large scale), this mower also doubles up as a small lawn tractor with many attachments such as snow blowers, brushcutters and rollers that make chores like getting rid of heavy snow in winter very easy indeed.

What most people really enjoy about the John Deere 425 is the fact that it doesn’t have a gear box, which often leads to many maintenance problems. Fortunately the good engineers at John Deere had the sense to do away with a manual gearbox and instead replace it with just a set of 2 pedals. It couldn’t be simplier: press it down to go faster. Ease your pressure on it to slow down. To reverse just hit the other pedal. The third pedal is the break. No more hassle and messing around with a gear box!

Like nearly every JD mower, this model also comes with a funnel and collection equipment mounted at the back of the tractor for added convenience.

The standard model comes with mowing deck of 54 inches which van be downgraded to a 48 inch deck or upgraded to a 60 inch deck. It John Deere 425 comes with power steering which makes cutting on rough terrain far easier. On top of this it also has cruise control so if you are using it for a boring job like cutting a football field, you can just turn on cruise control and relax your foot.

All in all, if you have a choice between purchasing a 420 model or a 425, we highly recommend going for the 425 as it is more modern, plain and simple.

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One Review of the “John Deere 425”

  1. Joe Sobo says:

    I thiink it’s fanatastic. This is my third John Deere. My second Zero turn. You do have to get used to steering in a straight line at first but after you realize that it requires very little movement, it becomes much easier to control. turning around a mowing tight spots is unbeleivable. It is great for going around shrubs and trees. They do seem expensive but they also are built so much better than some of the other brands. “Nothing runs like a deere!”.

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: Quiet for the size of motor. I bought the mulcher blade and the finish cut and lawn look fantastic. Quality of the entire machine seems awesome. Everything is so easy to access and use. Adjustment of control levers was easy. Mower adjustement height was alos a snap. The mower is fast if you want it to be. Plenty of power. Did not scalp even on slope.
    Cons: Have not found any yet.
    Attachments: I dont have any attachments.
    Modifications: None

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