John Deere 415

The John Deere 415 lawnmower had a very long production run. It lasted for 9 years, from 1992 until production on it finished in 2001. During this time, all manufacture of it took place in JD’s production facility located in Horicon which is in Wisconsin. The JD 415 garden tractor lawnmower looks like standard when compared to pretty much all other John Deere mowers from that time with green bodywork and square-shaped hood, but a yellow seat, yellow rims and a yellow mower deck. The machine itself gets all of it’s power from a Yanmar diesel engine. This is a little odd, as practically every single John Deere lawnmower has a gasoline engine. The Yanmar produces 15 horse power and is liquid cooled.

The John Deere 415 is an automatic, thanks to it’s hydrostatic transmission which gives it infinite gears for traveling both forwards and backwards. For cutting the grass itself, you have a choice of sizes for your mower deck. The smaller size is a mower deck with a 48 inch cutting width. The larger mowing deck on the JD 415 has a cutting with of 54 inches. Both of these decks are mid mounted. Even though this is an older model, it thankfully comes with power steering which makes operating it over rough terrain relatively easy.

The John Deere 415 ride on garden tractor lawn mower is not exactly the best known piece of machinery from JD, due in part to people’s preference towards gasoline fueled mowers. However this doesn’t mean that the JD 415 isn’t a useful machine. Thanks to the fact that it’s compatible with so many different attachments, from snow blowers to front blades to utility carts, it means that it has a number of uses in your garden and driveway. There is also an optional rear bagger attachment for it.

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