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This review is about the John Deere 330 tractor that was produced for 3 years from 1958 until 1960. For information on the John Deere 330 lawn mower, that was made for just 1 year in 1986, click here. The JD 330 tractor is the model that superseded the John Deere 320 tractor. The 330 is the smallest in a series that also includes the John Deere 430, the John Deere 630 and the John Deere 730 tractors. The engine that powers this tractor is a gasoline fueled model that John Deere designed in-house. The engine has a small displacement of 1.6 liters and is liquid cooled by a system that requires 13.2 liters of water. The engine is a twin cylinder that is started via a 6 volt battery. The max power output from the engine is 25 hp (not particularly low for a tractor that is over half a century old).

The engine on the John Deere 330 powers the rear wheels. These wheels measure 9-24 (9 inch width, 24 inch rim diameter). The front wheels are responsible for steering the JD 330. These each measure 5-15 (5 inch width, 15 inch rim diameter). The fuel tank supplying the engine with gasoline can hold up to 39.7 liters (10.5 US gallons). The total weight of this tractor comes to 1247 kg (2750 lbs).

Power from the engine gets to the rear wheels by first getting passed through a gearbox that gives the operator a choice of 4 speeds going forwards and 1 for reversing (not much for a tractor nowadays, but back then it was fairly standard). There are two variants of the JD 330. They are the standard John Deere 330S and the utility John Deere 330U. The length of the utility model is 3.02 m (119.3 inches) while the standard model is a little shorter at 2.94 m (115.8 inches). Please help improve the Tractor Review community by leaving a review on this tractor in the field below.

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