John Deere 314

The John Deere 314 is much more popular than it’s predecessor, the John Deere 312 lawnmower. While the 312 had a production run of just 1 year, the JD 314 had a 4 year run on the production lines in JD’s assembly plant in Wisconsin. This John Deere mower is powered via a 0.588 liter Kohler K341AQS engine that has a power output of 14 hp. This 14 horsepower engine has natural aspiration and is air cooled. The oil level within the engine needs to be kept topped up to a level of 1.4 liters. Power from the engine gets to the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission that makes the 314 lawnmower an automatic and much easier to operate than a gear stick transmission.

The mower deck that came with the John Deere 314 as standard has a 38 inch cutting width. However do keep in mind that the overall width of the mower deck is about 10 inches bigger due to the protruding discharge flap. If you have a lot of lawn to mow, then you can fortunately also attach a mower deck with a 46 inch cutting width to cover more ground. Just keep in mind that because the mower deck cuts more grass, it won’t be able to cut grass as long as the smaller, 38 inch mowing deck without stalling.

Thankfully you can also attach a snowblower and front blade to the John Deere 314 making it incredibly useful and handy for a variety of chores around the garden and your property. Even with a 14 hp engine, the JD 314 is actually quite heavy, tipping the scales at 344 kg (760 lbs). This weight sits on a wheelbase of 1.16 m (46 inches) and width of 1.06 m (42 inches) which makes the lawn mower fairly steady on reasonable inclines and hills. If it’s a larger lawnmower that you are after, then you may be interested in the John Deere 317.

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2 Reviews of the “John Deere 314”

  1. Duane says:

    Great mower, my dad has a 400 and he loves his as well.

    Year of Manufacture: 1982
    Pros: Built to last solid dependable 10 times better than new crap. I re powered mine because the previous owner ran it low on oil. The 18 hp vanguard is smooth and powerful. The original motor is being rebuilt and may be put back in the future. Overkill for my 1/4 acre but I’d rather have and not need than need and not have. Snow blower works great, plow works good, looking to up grade to dual hydro controls and brake pedals. This mower could pull my truck around if I needed it to. Try that with the new junk mowers, you will likely blow the transmission trying. Cheap to rebuild the motor. And parts are easy to get.
    Cons: Not made anymore, bring these back I’d buy a new one.
    Attachments: 46″ deck, model 49 snow blower, 54″ blade
    Modifications: 18hp vanguard v-twin engine,

  2. Lucien Dube says:

    Makes lots of power. Very well built. They don’t make them like they used to. Restored it this summer. Huge upgrade from my craftsman LT1000.

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: Lots of power
    Shaft drive transmission
    Thick metal
    Can handle lots of attachments
    Cons: None
    Attachments: 46″ mower deck
    54″ plow

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