John Deere 1140

The John Deere 1140 tractor first appeared for sale in 1976. It has a diesel engine that John Deere designed and built themselves. This engine is a 3 cylinder model that has a total displacement of 2.9 liters. The engine uses a liquid cooling system to wick excess away and dissipate it. The engine powers the wheels of the tractor using a fairly straightforward collar shift gearbox. This transmission set up has 8 gears for traveling forwards, but when you are reversing, it only has 4 gears. The JD 1140 tractor is a compact utility one that has a range of different attachments that are either powered by the rear PTO or the hydraulics system. These include everything from cultivators/rotovators to front end loaders.

When bought brand new, the shipping weight of the tractor is 2404 kg (5300 lbs). It’s wheelbase measures at 2.04 m (80.7 inches). All John Deere 1140 models were built in the Mannheim production plant which is located in Germany.

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One Review of the “John Deere 1140”

  1. a bradley says:

    it is an ideal macchine for a small farm,as a lot of modern machines are expensive and are difficult to maintain by youself.

    Year of Manufacture: 1983
    Pros: a small versatile 4wd eause and reliable with simple pre digital components.
    Cons: not very fast on the road
    Attachments: jd front end loader 6ft easily detatched
    Modifications: none

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