Husqvarna GTH26V48LS

The Husqvarna GTH26V48LS garden tractor lawn mower uses a Briggs and Stratton 2 cylinder engine. This is an Endurance Series engine that has a total engine size of 0.724 liters. The engine uses a full pressure lubrication system. The engine has a total power output of 26 hp. Power from the engine reaches the rear wheels through a hydrostatic transmission. This makes the GTH 26V48LS an automatic with infinite speeds going forwards and in reverse too. The rear wheels each measure 23×10.5-12 (23 inch diameter, 10.5 inch width, 12 inch rim diameter). The amount of power that the rear wheels receive is controlled by the operator using the foot pedal.

The mower deck on the Husqvarna GTH26V48LS has an operating range that covers 3 inches from a low of 1 inch above the ground to a high of 4 inches above the ground. Over this 3 inch operating height, there are 6 different positions for the mowing deck.  The mower deck is raised and lowered using a hand operated lever. This lever is spring assisted to make raising and lowering the deck very easy. There are 3 blades inside the mower deck. The blades are engaged via an electric PTO and are driven by a belt system. The front axle on the GTH 26V48LS is made from cast iron which makes it very resilient to breaking or cracking. The front wheels each measure 16×6.5-8 (16 inch diameter, 6.5 inch width, 8 inch rim diameter).

On the Husqvarna GTH26V48LS, the seat has a high back which offers great support and it has arm rests also so that the driver will remain comfortable even during long operating hours. The gas tank on the GTH 26V48LS can hold up to 15.1 liters (4 US gallons) of fuel. There are a number of cool extras on this lawn tractor like a cup holder as well as headlights as standard. It also has an hourmeter.

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One Review of the “Husqvarna GTH26V48LS”

  1. Brian Wood says:

    when its working it does a good job but it only lasts for 2 mowing seasons between repairs, and mainly to the steering components

    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Pros: plaenty of power, good heavy mower deck, hydrostatic good, but could use some more strength backing up
    Cons: steering sector very poor in fact quite cheap, I’ve had this mower for about 4 yrs and have replaced steering componets twice. Parts availabilty seems to be an issue I’ve had my lawnmower GTH26V48LS in shop for a month now awaiting steering components n still no presumed date of delivery. Amazing that when mowing season comes around there are no parts to be had. Im pretty sure that everyone knows when mowing season is coming. You’d think that all parts are would be availiable in reasonable amount of time. I would not advise any purchase of lawn equipment by Husqvarna or ar least their lawnmowers simply for hte fact that you cant get parts in a timely manner. Poor quality assurrance. I called Husqvarna about the issue and was told that they can’t help with the parts distributors and if they dont have the parts to ship. Do they not supply there parts for there equipment? I’m confused about the whole thing. I do know that I’m ready to bail hay shortly, because the place where I purchased my lawnmower cant get parts for it, or I should say the parts are backordered.
    Modifications: If parts cant be had then make a considerable effot in beefing up the steering components. I asked some people that I know that own the same brand and some with same model and basically got back the same information I’m having problems with and that was steering components

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