Husqvarna GTH2550XP

The Husqvarna GTH2550XP garden tractor lawn mower has a 50 inch wide mower deck (50 inches is actually the cutting width. Due the to the discharge flap on the side, the total width of the deck is closer to 60 inches). Inside this deck there are 3 blades that are belt driven. The deck can be raised and lowered from a low of just 1.5 inches above the ground up to a max height of 4 inches. This deck is raised and lowered using a spring assisted lever so that it’s not too much work. Similar models to the GTH 2550 XP that have a cutting width of 50 inches are the Husqvarna GTH2250 and the Husqvarna GTH2350 tractor lawn mowers which aren’t as powerful.

When you are cutting your lawn with the Husqvarna GTH2550 XP, you have 3 different choices for how your use it. Many people take the option of purchasing a rear bagger attachment so that they can collect the clippings as they cut them. This is great as it leaves your lawn looking very neat and tidy. However it is fairly time intensive as you have to constantly empty the bagger, as well as clear any blockages. The other problem is that you need somewhere to put all the grass clippings when you are done. Alternatively you can just discharge the grass clippings back onto the lawn, although this looks quite ugly. The third choice is to use a mulching plug.

The engine that powers the mower deck is a 2 cylinder from Kawasaki. This engine has a total displacement of 0.675 liters. The engine drives the wheels of the Husqvarna GTH2550XP thanks to a hydrostatic transmission which makes the GTH2550 XP an automatic with no gear changing required. It gives the lawnmower a top speed of 8.9 kph (5.5 mph) when moving forwards while in reverse it can reach 3.9 kph (2.4 mph).

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