Cub Cadet Z-Force S60

The Cub Cadet Z-Force S60 Zero Turn Rider is the largest machine in the Z-Force S Rider series. It is powered by a big 26 hp Courage engine. This 2 cylinder motor is built by Kohler. Using a Dual Hydro Gear ZT 2800 transmission, this Cub Cadet is an automatic. However this transmission allows each rear wheel to be operated independently of the other which is what facilitates it’s ability to execute zero radius turns. Smaller models in the same series as the Z Force S 60 include the Cub Cadet Z-Force S48LP and the Cub Cadet Z-Force S54 Zero Turn Rider lawn mowers.

One thing that a lot people find is that the Cub Cadet Z-Force S60 lawn mower is a very heavy machine. It weighs an astonishing 358 kg (790 lbs) which is huge for a lawnmower that has a cutting width of just 60 inches. The wheels that support the weight of the Z Force S 60 are fortunately big enough to distribute the load into the ground without leaving unsightly thread marks. The rear tires measure 20×10-8 (20 inch diameter, 10 inch width, 8 inch rim diameter). The front wheels are understandably much smaller, measuring 13×5-6 (13 inch diameter, 5 inch width, 6 inch rim diameter).

The top speed of the Cub Cadet Z-Force S60 Zero Turn Rider lawnmower is 12.9 kph (8mph) when traveling forward and 6.4 kph (4 mph) when it’s reversing. This makes it very efficient when cutting large lawns when compared to the likes of most tractor lawn mowers. The mower deck on the Z Force S 60 mower has a construction that is quite similar to other models in the Z-Force S series. If you own one of these machines, then please let others know what they should expect from it. Please include details on what you like most and like least about it, as well as any modifications you have made or attachments that you use with it.

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5 Reviews of the “Cub Cadet Z-Force S60”

  1. Layne says:

    Should be a 30hp instead of 24hp. Pulls down to easily. Seat position not comfortable. Needs to be farther back and higher. Mower deck grease fittings need to be plumbed to a more accesseable area. Hard to steer at low speeds. Installing a power steering system. Vibration issues not good for a new mower. I do not need to hear sheet metal buzz. I wish I had bought a tractor style mower. Definately unimpressed with this mower and Cub Cadet.

    Year of Manufacture: 2019
    Pros: cuts quick/ saves time
    Cons: vibrates excessively in steering column and heat shields. underpowered. Not for use in damp or wet grass, Gets hung up. No power steering. No lights
    Modifications: sheet metal stiffening. Power steering. Seat positioning

  2. Brian says:


    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: I bought this to replace an older 50″ white. I needed something that would both mow in the summer 2 1/2 acres and plow my steep drive in winter, so I got the plow attachment and chains. After 250 hours it still runs, cuts and pushes great. Only real problem was caused by a factory fail to install a guide on the drive belt which caused a complete fail. The dealer fixed it under warranty and I’ve had no more problems. It cut my mowing time in half and my teenage son is good to mow. ( the white scared him). Lots of zirc fittings ( i count 16) should keep it good for years. 26 hp Kohler gives plenty of power even when the gras is too tall. It turn effortlessly, especially after greasing it. Got rid of my push mower because this lets me get around trees and corners much faster.
    Cons: Bounces if I go to fast in the rough areas. Clear cut from tires to brakes is tight with chains
    Attachments: Snow plow, chains
    Modifications: None

  3. Paul Aydelott says:

    One full season with absolutely no problems.

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: The mower is fast, and it handles very well. It has enough power to mow rough pasture grass with little slow down. It is stable on a slope that I cannot mow with a push mower. (The push mower will flip over!)
    Cons: Foot pedal is a little hard to push, but it’s not really a problem.

    The ride at full speed is a little bouncy, but that’s the speed at which I mow most of the time.

    Attachments: None
    Modifications: None

  4. ken james says:

    i move about 6 acres of fairly level surface every 2 weeks durning the summer mower has about 200 hours on it

    this belt tension problem makes the machine usless, i am to the point of replacing it with a more heavy duty kubota.

    Year of Manufacture: 2008
    Pros: Kawasaki engine starts and runs great
    Cons: purchased new 3 years ago and operated well for the first 2 years.

    i had to have the drive belt replaced at the begining of this year and the servicing dealer replaced the blade drive belt ideler arm assembly, since that time the bolt holding the assembly has sheared 4 times and has taken the drive belt with it.

    my opinion the construction is too light to support a 60″ cut

    Attachments: none
    Modifications: none

  5. Brian from Pittsburgh says:

    I’ve got a 3.5 acre lot with a very little flat surface and a 70 yard 30 degree downhill backyard. I used to use a Cub Cadet 2000 series with a 48 inch deck that would take me 4.5 hours to mow the entire lot, sans trimming. I’ve tried a Kubota GR series on my back hill and couldn’t get that large of a machine up my back hill without ripping up the yard.

    After researching traditional zero turn radius mowers, I was told by more than one dealer they wouldn’t sell me a zero turn because of my hills. The power only comes fro the back wheels and there is a high possibility to flip these machines going up hills. I tried various John Deers, Simplcity, Cub Cadets and Kubotas looking for something with a 50+ inch deck, low uncut radius and decent traction and a reasonable price.

    After deciding on a Cub Cadet 2500 series with a 54 inch deck, I discussed my want for a zero turn with the Cub Cadet sales guy. He mentioned the Z-Force S and had the 48 and 60 inch models on the lot. I asked him about hills and he told me I could test it out on the 35 degree hill they had in the back of the lot. I took this machine up, down and sideways on the hill at full acceleration, trying to do what ever I could to get this to slip. Nothing. It hugged the incline just as well as if I was on flat surface.

    It was only a bit more than the 2500 series and I spent the extra $300 for the 60 inch deck. Great choice. I now can cut my entire yard in under 2 hours, including most of the trimming, which includes horse fence 70% on the outline of my property. With the exception of a notch in the deck design on the front right, I can easily trim the entire yard to the point where I only need to hand trim once a month.

    I’ve only used the mower 10 times, so I have no idea about the reliability of the machine. I will note that I recently started up the mower after sitting in the shed all winter and I had no problem. I’ll modify this review over the life of the mower if any status changes, but overall I highly recommend.

    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Pros: Handles inclines and hills very well for a zero turn.

    Zero turn “cuts” mowing time in half.

    Even cut with stripping effects.

    Great speed, even with mower engaged.

    Great maneuvering for such a heavy machine.

    60 inch deck huge plus for larger yards

    Easy deck wash system is great

    Cons: No ability for snow plow attachments.

    Takes some time to master steering and acceleration.

    Toolbox could use a cover to prevent grass from collecting.

    The mower deck has a notch at the front left that gets often gets caught when trimming around post

    Acceleration peddle takes more force to press than I’m used to. Had some foot fatigue after long mowing sessions.

    Modifications: Looking to modify the mowing deck by welding a simple bar to decrease catching post while trimming.

    Attaching a box to hold ipod on the steering column with track controls on steering wheel.

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