Cub Cadet Z-Force S48

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The Cub Cadet Z-Force S48 Zero Turn Rider lawn mower comes with a mower deck that has a cutting width of 48 inches. This mower deck is constructed from 11 gauge steel. It consists of 3 smaller blades that work together to create a smoother and more even cut than if it had just a single blade. These blades on the S48 lawn mower receive their power from a 22 hp Courage engine designed and built by Kohler. This V twin cylinder, gasoline engine uses a fully pressurized oil pump to keep the entire motor fully lubricated during operation. Power from the Kohler engine is transferred to the mower deck via a rubber belt that is reinforced with super-strong Kevlar.

The mower deck on the Cub Cadet Z-Force S48 also has 4 wheels which keep the deck from ever actually coming into contact with the ground. This is to prevent the mowing deck when it’s at it’s lowest from scraping the ground and damaging it. You can adjust the height of the mower deck from 1 inch to 4 inches above ground using a foot operated pedal. The total weight of the S Force S48 with the mower deck attached comes to 313 kg (690 lbs) which is fairly heavy for a machine that has a cutting width of only 48 inches.

Other lawnmowers comparable to the Cub Cadet Z-Force S48 Zero Turn Rider lawn mower include the Cub Cadet Z-Force 54 and the Cub Cadet Z-Force S46 lawnmowers. The Z Force S48 is a high quality piece of machinery that Cub Cadet stand proudly behind and it’s because of this that it comes with a 3 year warranty or 180 operating hour warranty (whichever comes first). The addition of various carts, roller, dethatchers, aerators and many other implements make this machine very versatile and useful for practically every job that you need taken care of.

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