Cub Cadet Tank S7237

The Cub Cadet Tank S7237 zero turn lawn mower is quite similar to the Cub Cadet Tank S7232D except that the Tank S 7237 is a lot more powerful. It also comes with a choice of 2 different engines. The regular S7237 Tank has a twin cylinder gasoline powered Kawasaki engine with overhead valves that produces 37 hp. This engine has a displacement of 0.999 liters and is air cooled. The engine has a full pressure lubrication system and is fed with gasoline from a set of twin fuel tanks that can hold up to 53 liters (14 US gallons) of gasoline. The Cub Cadet Tank S7237LP uses liquid propane to power it. This liquid propane powered engine is also a Kawasaki with a power output of 37 hp. This liquid propane engine also uses a full pressure lubrication system and also has a displacement of 0.999 liters. The engine gets it’s fuel from a set of twin 33 lb LP gas tanks, mounted on either side of the driver.

Besides the engine, both the regular Cub Cadet Tank S7237 and the Cub Cadet Tank S7237LP have the same sized mower deck and controls. The mower deck on both machines has a cutting width of 72 inches, although with the discharge chute attached to the side, it is a bit wider than this. The total weight of the Tank S 7237LP comes to 700.8 kg (1545 lbs), while the regular Tank S 7237 is 5 lbs lighter at 698.5 kg (1540 lbs).

The mower deck on both Cub Cadet Tank S7237 lawnmowers can be adjusted from a low of 1 inch above the ground to a high of 5 inches above the ground. The deck is floating and sits on a 6 point suspension which together with the anti-scalping wheels forces it to follow the contours of the ground as you travel over it even the ground is uneven.

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