Cub Cadet GT2550

The Cub Cadet GT2550 lawn mower uses the exact same engine as the one that you’ll find on the Cub Cadet GT2544 garden tractor lawnmower. It’s a Command engine from Kohler that provides the machine with 22 hp. The GT 2550 is a very versatile machine and is mainly used as a lawnmower, but is actually capable of performing a huge range of other jobs thanks to many different Cub Cadet attachments that it’s compatible with. Obviously the most popular attachments are a range of baggers for collecting grass clippings, but there is also a whole host of others too. During the winter you can attach a dual stage, 42 inch wide snow blower to the front. There are also tillers, rollers, sprayers, aerators, dethatchers and carts that can be attached to it.

Just remember that when you attach an implement to the Cub Cadet GT2550 lawnmower it changes the weight distribution on it. This means that you will need to attach either front of rear weight plates to balance out the mower and prevent it from potentially tipping or losing traction during operation. The actual mower deck that’s attached to the GT 2550 has a cutting width of 50 inches, making it suited to large gardens, parks and playing fields.

This mower deck on the Cub Cadet GT2550 consists of 3 small blades, making it more efficient at cutting your lawn and it gives a more even cut when compared to a single large blade. The mower deck has been built with 12 gauge steel which makes it very strong. It also uses small wheels to travel over the grass, preventing the mower deck from scraping the ground. The GT 2550 weighs a lot at 381 kg (841 lbs). It also comes with a 3 year warranty or 120 operating hour warranty (whichever comes first). If you are looking for a more powerful model of lawnmower then you might consider the Cub Cadet GT2554 garden tractor.

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3 Reviews of the “Cub Cadet GT2550”

  1. Brent Carragher says:

    Fantastic ,of I can get a used deck got some holes on front side walls , was concerned hot hot the muffler got Brite red after 15-20 minutes of grass cutting ! Need manual for mine gt 2550 with a Kohler 25 HP, not the 22 HP as published in your description, for it !

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: Great machine I got going
    Cons: No serial # under seat , can’t or the right deck drive built , motor sounded awesome , blew a mouse out muffler on fire ,and than turn the mower on and decapitated a bunny , can sill get photos, just off the tractor , muffler got red hot , concerned, don’t want to blow it up after getting it started this year !
    Attachments: 50 mower deck , maybe a snowblower ,if it fits, would love the tiller .
    Modifications: Blew out air filter ,fresh oil last year need to know what oil, how much ?

  2. Russell Maddock says:

    I bought this machine new in 2007. Overall, I have been pleased with the GT 2550. One note, on my machine the center air vent in the plastic hood was blocked off. Removing this greatly improved air flow and allowed engine heat to escape much better. Also, on these shaft drive machines, after each cutting, you must remove the foam pre filter and clean, this will greatly improve engine cooling during operation. Because of hood design, everything gets sucked up into the intake area. Also clean the magneto air fan after each cutting. For those who complain of overheating engines, this is the main cause of the problem. I found out right away that good cleaning of the above-mentioned areas after each cutting was absolutely necessary for keeping the engine cool during cutting operations. Keep engine and filter changed every season with proper 4 cycle oil and proper filter and lubricant every grease fitting at least once or twice a season, depending upon hours used. My GT 2550 has just over 400 hours and still runs like new. Oh yes, always use Sea Foam in all your outdoor equipment fuel. I been using it for years with very good results.

    Year of Manufacture: 2007
    Pros: Powerful engine and very strong transaxle. Good cutting deck.
    Cons: Head light sockets are bad design. Throttle cable is also poor design, replaced two of them.
    Attachments: Cutting deck
    Modifications: Gluing small zip ties on throttle cable to keep the cable end from pulling out of place.

  3. Jim W says:

    A previous reviewer mentioned he had issues of the engine running hot. I have not experienced this in any way. My 2550 is an early version also with the metal hood. There is no venting problem at all. Air for engine cooling is drawn through side of the engine facing the operator; it is a totally open area so I have no idea what the other reviewer was talking about. There are a lot of cottonwood trees around my property so when it’s “fuzzy time” I simply check the intake before and after each run and I have had zero heat issues. There is also a small oil cooler on the left side of the engine that should be kept clean as well. When I bought my tractor used the cooler was dirty and plugged. After I cleaned it well it has stayed clean ever since so I think the previous owner never cleaned it out. There is screening right below the steering wheel that a lot of air moves through. (again, the previous poster hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about LOL) I can see cottonwood fuzz get sucked to it because there is so much air passing through there. I change all the fluids every Spring and grease everything at least twice a year; I am fully expecting to get DECADES of service from this tractor. I grew up using Dad’s Allis Chalmers 312 and it lasted 30 years. Dad and I put an incredible amount of hours on it so it took two engine rebuilds. I fully expect this same kind of extreme service from this Cub. Originally I was looking for any tractor to buy, including 300 series Deeres which I’m sure is a fine tractor as well, but I am glad I bought a Cub instead.

    By the way, do not confuse lawn tractors with garden tractors. Lawn tractors are basically for mowing and light snow removal. Garden tractors are heavier duty and designed for more demanding usage and can use ground engaging equipment. Lawn tractors have been known to have excessive wear or failure just from mowing on steep hills whereas garden tractors can take a lot more punishment.

    When I pull my trailer with a heavy, heavy load I sometimes get a little wheel spin from the turf friendly tires. I might get the wheel weights to help this out.

    Year of Manufacture: 2005
    Pros: Great engine; the kohler command pro is a long lasting engine, much better than a vantage. Very strong garden tractor. I can pull a 4 x 8 trailer loaded down full of firewood, no problem. It always starts easily.

    Cons: Headlight wiring and sockets fall apart. The transaxle dipstick tube comes off with the rear cover so dirt can fall into the trans when its removed. My solution was to use an expanding rubber plug after I did trans maintenance. (there is no need for a dipstick unless something leaks) I wish Cub had service bulletin fixes for these things.
    Attachments: Grass catcher. I am in the process of building a real hitch mount (L and R mounting on the main axle bolts with another bolt through the existing hitch hole) I am also in the process of building a mo and vac type system but I am using a chipper/vac rather than a plain vac.

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