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The Cub Cadet CC999 and the Cub Cadet CC999ES self propelled walk behind lawnmowers are are both very similar to each other, except for a few crucial differences. The engine on the CC 999 is built by Cub Cadet and has a displacement of 0.173 liters. This powers the mower deck as well as driving it forward and is the same motor that you’ll find in the Cub Cadet CC46ES, Cub Cadet CC94M and the Cub Cadet CC98 walk behind lawnmowers. The CC 999 ES is powered by a Briggs and Stratton 775 engine that has a displacement of 0.175 liters. So both engines are very similar in size and power. The starting mechanism for both engines also differs.

The Cub Cadet CC999 is started by a pull cord recoil system. This is fine when the machine is brand new and it only requires a few pulls before it starts, but after a few years of use, it can take quite a while to get going, which is why some people prefer the CC 999 ES. The Cub Cadet CC999ES has a choice, it can be started by a pull cord mechanism or it can be started via an electric key start system, so if you are sick and tired of pulling on the pull cord, you can just turn a key instead.

Both CC 999 versions are identical for everything else besides their engines and how they are started. They both have a 21 inch steel mower deck. They both come with a bagger attachment at the rear to collect up the clippings once the grass has been cut.  They also both come with a 3 year limited warranty to individuals purchasing them for home use only. This warranty does not cover use for commercial operations.

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