Craftsman Professional 30 Inch Dual Stage Snow Blower

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The Craftsman Professional 30 Inch Dual Stage Snow Blower is ferocious machine capable of tackling very deep or compacted snow. This snow blower is a little smaller than the likes of the Craftsman 45 Inch Dual Stage Snow Blower or even the Craftsman 33 Inch Dual Stage Snow Blower, but it still packs a huge punch. This is mostly thanks to it’s Craftsman built 0.36 liter, 4 stroke engine. This drives the wheels, the auger and the impeller as well as powering the headlight. This Craftsman Professional 30 inch 2 stage snow blower has 6 speeds when traveling forwards, while in reverse it only has 2 speeds.

You can start the Craftsman Professional 30 inch 2 stage snowblower by 1 of 2 choices. The first is simply plugging it in to a regular plug socket and simply pushing a button which is pretty easy. The other requires a little bit of muscle. It is a mitten grip, pull cord, recoil system. The machine comes with X Trac tires which have a width of 0.17 m (6.5 inches) and a diameter of 0.41 m (16 inches). These are specifically designed for use on snow and come with a deep thread that strongly grips snow and ice when compared to other tires.

The fuel tank on the Craftsman Professional thirty inch dual stage snow blower can hold up to 4.7 liters (1.24 US gallons) of gasoline, allowing for many hours of continuous operating time. A feature of this snow thrower that is very well liked by it’s users is that it allows for single handed operation. This means that you can drive it with one hand while the other is free to adjust the chute or the deflector. The machine also has a heated hand grips to give the operator/driver extra comfort, even over very long operating hours. There is also a halogen headlight on this machine so if you need to operate it when it’s dark outside, it’s simple…just turn on the headlight.

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