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Many people know the Craftsman DLS3500 garden tractor lawn mower as the Craftsman 28713 tractor lawnmower. They are both the exact same machine. The mower deck on this model has a cutting width of 42 inches. It has 2 gauge wheels on the leading edge with act to keep the deck aligned with the cutting surface. This makes the cut incredibly even, but it also stops the blades from potentially hitting the ground which can leave ugly scars and marks. The 42 inch Precision Cut Plus mowing deck has 3 modes for dealing with the waste grass clippings. One is to just discharge them out the side of the deck which is the easiest. The only problem is that this can leave an ugly mess of rotting grass on your lawn. To combat this without wasting extra time, you can attach a mulching kit to the deck to turn the clippings into a fast rotting mulch. The third option is the most time intensive. This involve attaching a bagger to the back of the mower to collect the clippings.

The mower deck on the DLS 3500 lawnmower is powered by an Intek engine from Briggs and Stratton. This engine has overhead valves and is air cooled. The engine is gasoline powered. It passes power from the engine to the wheels through a EZ Drive hydrostatic transmission. This transmission makes the DLS3500 an automatic. This thankfully means that you never have to worry about changing gears on it.

The Craftsman DLS3500 overall is a quality machine that is suitable for gardens that range in size from 0.5 acres to about 3 acres. For gardens that are larger than 0.5 acres, you’ll find that you are better off with a tractor that has more power. Similar models to the Craftsman 28712 lawn mower include the Craftsman 28672 Professional 42 Inch 24 HP Lawn Mower.

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