Ariens Power Brush 36

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The Ariens Power Brush 36 is powered by a Subaru EX17 engine. This engine has a displacement of 0.27 liters and provides the power brush with 14.5 ft-lbs of torque. You would be right in assuming that the Ariens power brush 36 has a width of 36 inches. Most people consider this model to be the upgraded version of the Ariens Power Brush 28. This machine can be operated during the day and also during the night thanks to it’s halogen light.

The Ariens power brush 36 is quite a versatile machine. The brush can actually pivot it you want it to which makes operating it in confined or awkward spaces relatively easy. It also boasts traction control to help prevent the machine from skidding and slipping when working on icy or wet surfaces. Thanks to it’s Disc-O-Matic transmission, the 36″ Ariens power brush has 6 speeds traveling forward and 2 gears when it’s reversing. The brush has a diameter of 0.64 m (25 inches).

As Ariens is a quality brand that stand behind every machine they make, they also offer a 2 year warranty to every individual who purchases it. The fuel tank can hold up to 2.7 liters of gasoline. The Ariens Power Brush 36″ weighs in at 192 kg (424 lbs). Although it’s brush is 36 inches wide, the total width of the machine comes to 1.12 m (44 inches). It’s 1.94 m (76.5 inches) long and has a height of 1.14 m (45 inches) from base to the top of the handle bars. The power brush has a choice of starting options. The easy way to start it is to use it’s 120 volt starter button, by plugging the machine into the mains electricity. Or alternatively, you can start it using a recoil, pull cord. A nice additional extra feature of the Ariens power brush 36 is that it comes with hand warmers on the handles. So if you find that you are operating the machine for very long hours, at least your hands will never get too cold.

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