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The Ariens Amp Rider lawnmower is a very interesting piece of machinery. This interest is because unlike practically every other lawn mower that is powered by a gasoline or diesel engine, the AMP Rider is battery powered! The battery system that powers the mower consists of 5, 48V valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery packs. Each of these battery packs is made up of 4 individual 12V Absorption Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. Together when fully charged, the battery system provides the machine with up to 75 minutes of continuous mowing time. The batteries are also designed so as to last for at least 200 charges.

The battery system then powers the Ariens AMP Rider’s 3 brushless motors. There are two 1.7 hp spindle motors and one 4 hp motor. These motors come with a 2 year warranty. Power is transferred to the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission that mean no gear changing, just push down on the pedal to go faster or ease up on it to go slower. Because this is a electric mower, the acceleration is incredibly fast. The AMP Rider comes with a 5 amp charger as standard which can fully recharge this lawn mower in 16 hours. However if you are not happy with this long recharging time, then you can opt for an optional 20 amp charger instead which will charge the battery in just 5 hours.

The mower deck on the Ariens AMP Rider battery powered lawn mower has a cutting width of 34 inches. it consists of 2 blades . The mower deck can be adjusted from a high of 4.5 inches above the ground to just 1.5 inches above it. The minimum turning radius for the AMP Rider is just 16.5 inches. All in all this machine is a very interesting one, but if you have a huge amount of grass to cut, then you should instead consider a regular ride on lawn mower. Similar gasoline mowers to this one include the Ariens Lawn Tractor 42 and the Ariens Lawn Tractor 46 lawn mowers.

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