Toro TimeCutter Z4235

The Toro TimeCutter Z4235 zero turn lawn mower is one of the smaller TimeCutters from Toro. It’s fairly similar in size to the Toro TimeCutter Z4200 and the Toro TimeCutter SS4200 lawnmowers. The engine powering the Z 4235 is a one cylinder Courage engine from Kohler. This engine is key started by a 12 volt battery. The 4 stroke engine has a displacement of 0.597 liters. The fuel tank supplying the engine with gasoline can hold up to 11.4 liters (3 US gallons). The total power output from the engine is 19 hp.

The Toro TimeCutter Z4235 uses a dual hydrostatic transmission to drive the wheels. The power directed to each rear wheel is controlled by dual comfort grip lap bars in front of the driver. Remember that the rear wheels are responsible for both the speed and steering of the Time Cutter Z 4235 lawnmower. These rear wheels each measure 18×7.5 (18 inch diameter, 7.5 inch width). The front wheels are a good bit smaller, each measuring 10×4 (10 inch diameter, 4 inch width). The dual hydrostatic transmission gives the Z4235 a top speed of 11.3 kph (7 mph) going forwards and 5.5 kph (3.4 mph) when it’s reversing.

The mower deck on the Toro TimeCutter Z4235 zero turn lawnmower has a cutting width of 42 inches. This mower deck is made from stamped steel and has 2 blades. The operator can raise and lower the deck on the TimeCutter Z4235 over 3 inches, from a low of 1.5 inches above the ground up to a height of 4.5 inches above the ground. The mowing deck is raised and lowered manually using a spring assisted hand lever. Even though the cutting width of the mower is 42 inches, it’s total width comes to 54 inches due to the plastic discharge flap on the side. You can also attach a rear bagger to the back of the lawnmower to collect the clippings.

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2 Reviews of the “Toro TimeCutter Z4235”

  1. Brian says:

    Mower cuts great when it will run!!

    I have had this mower for 1 1/2 years and the dealership I bought it from has had it more than I have! The parking brake release module has been replace 6 (Yes, I said 6) times in the year and a half I have owned it. I take it back to the dealership, they replace the module under warranty, I cut my yard once and it fails again. When I contacted Toro about this issue they said that they are taking care of the problem by replacing the module for free (Warranty). If you have a warranty on something that the dealer is going to have more than you why even buy it! This is a known issue by Toro and they still will not fix it. Very disappointed considering the reputation the Toro has.

    Lesson learned!

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: Solid Motor (Kawasaki 22hp)
    Cons: Reliability!!!
    Toro Customer Service!!

  2. J loar says:

    WoW! Mowing is now fun….

    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: Once I got use to it, mowing has become a pleasure, not a chore. Easy start, easy controls, and PLENTY of power. Will mow thick wet grass and not pull the engine down a bit. I bought from a local dealer at a fair price and feel comfortable having local support if there would be a problem. Wish I had done this years ago……
    Cons: I get done too fast and want more grass to cut!!!!!

    I don’t like the engine kill safety when the blade is engaged and you get off the seat.. I may have to fix that.

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